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I have found four different versions of the arms and crest for Eldridge. The four sources are: ref. #1, pg. 54; ref. #2, pg. 162; ref. #6, pg. 320; and from the Heraldic Arts Heraldry Page. The first two sources differ only in their description of the crest and is the one shown above. I have also found four different arms for the name Eldred as well. All of them are from ref. #6, pg. 320. A comparison of the different arms can be found here.

The arms above come from: ref. #1, pg. 54; and ref. #2, pg. 162.

Blazon for the arms is: Or on a bend ragulée sable 3 bezants.

The two books list slightly different versions of the crest.

Ref. #1 lists the crest as: Out of a ducal crown 5 peacock feathers.

Ref. #2 lists the crest as: Out of a ducal crown a peacocks tail proper.

If you have any additional information on the coat of arms, please contact me.

UpAbout the Eldridges

Originally the Eldridges used the last name Eldred.  This name has been in use since at least the 8th century and several Eldreds are recorded in the Doomsday Book of William the Conqueror, compiled in 1086 A.D.  The oldest Eldred that can be traced to this line is John Eldred of Corby, Lincolnshire.  Three brothers Samuel, Robert, and William came to Massachusetts in the 1630's.  There descendants have used the last names of   Eldredg, Eldredge, Eldridge, Eldrge, and Eldred, sometimes with the same person being listed under several different last names.  My ancestor, Robert Eldred, is thought to have arrived in New England in 1635 as a servant of Capt. Nichalos (sic) Sympkins. He lived in Plymouth for about 10 years and then went to Yarmouth, MA.

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This line has been researched back to the early 15th century. Thanks to Lois A. Ames for providing the early generations in America and Carrie E. Bodensteiner for providing the generations in England.

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The oldest entry is here.

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There is a master index for all the families here.

My Eldridge database is available as either a GEDCOM or as a Family Tree Maker file. A viewer for Family Tree Maker files is available here. This database does not contain any maternal lines, if you want those you must take the database on my Genealogy Home Page.

If you have any information to add to these pages contact me.

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