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The Jakarta Post, January 19, 2006

10 years demanded for terror suspect

AMBON, Maluku: Prosecutors demanded a 10-year jail sentence for terrorist suspect Nazarudin Mochtar in a trial at the Ambon District Court on Wednesday.

In the trial, prosecutor Arsyad Massry said the Java-born terrorist was involved in a number of terror attacks, including the Cimanggis bombing in Jakarta in 2004 and the attack on a police post in Lokki, West Seram regency, last year, in which five police officers and a civilian were killed.

Nazarudin, alias Abu Gar, has been charged under Article 13 of Law No. 15/2003 on terrorism.

"The defendant was not directly involved with the shootings in Lokki but he knew those involved and fled with them," Arsyad said. -- JP

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