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Paras Indonesia, January, 17 2006 @ 11:33 pm

Three Fateful Days In Timika

By: Hans Gebze

The following is the chronology around the arrest of the 12 men allegedly involved in the August 2002 killing of two Americans and one Indonesian in the Freeport mine area Mile 62 – 63, Timika. The information was gathered from witnesses of the events as well as from the men captured.

January 10: At 7pm Papua time, two Federal Bureau of Investigation agents, who said their names were Paul Myers and Ron Eiowan, met with Amungme leaders and witnesses of the Mile 62-63 shooting. The meeting was mediated by Willy Mandowen (moderator of the Papuan Council Presidium) and Eltinus Uamang (Amungme youth leader) and held in Hotel Amole II, Timika, Papua.

January 11: At 8pm, the FBI agents again met with the witnesses and sealing a deal which would fly key witness Antonius Wanmang to the United States along with several Free Papua Movement (OPM) fighters to testify on the mystery of the shooting of civilians at the Freeport mine area on August 31, 2002. At 10.30pm, the meeting was ended and the agents left the building, headed for Timika Kota. Just minutes later, joint taskforce of police surrounded and arrested the delegation members. At 11pm, 12 of the men were pushed into a box van and driven off to Mile 32, Kuala Kencana Police Station, Timika.

January 12: From 12am - 7.05am, police interrogated the 12 men. From 7.05 - 7.40am, police released four men and took the remaining eight to the Timika airport to be flown to Jayapura. At 8am, Garuda flight took off and landed in Sentani Airport, Jayapura at 8.55am. Mobile brigades officers in two armored vehicles then rushed the eight men to the Jayapura Police Headquarters 60km away.

Around the Three Days

Before the arrest, the FBI agents came to Timika and met with a number of Amungme community leaders and started the reinvestigation on the killing of two US civilians in Mile 63 (Freeport mine area) which occurred on August 31, 2002. The Feds approached Reverend Isaak Ondowame through Willy Mandowen of the Papuan Council Presidium and youth leader Eltinus Uamang. The reverend said the FBI promised to investigate key witness Antonius Wanmang and a number of OPM fighters in the US. They also said that the trial would be open and fair. The reverend, Wanmang, Germanus Ondowame and Dominikus Kwalik agreed with the terms and met again with the agents on the night they were captured on January 11.

After the 12 men were arrested from Hotel Amole II, family members of Reverend Isaak Ondowame contacted friends and colleagues to go after the police and find out what was happening. Five men, including a Mimika church leader and an Amungme community leader, left the reverend’s house at 11.30pm and headed for the Kuala Kencana Police Station where it was packed with cars and armed mobile brigade officers guarding the interrogation process. The interrogation itself paused briefly but continued on until 7.05am.

The eight men arrested are: Anthonius Wamang (32), Reverend Ishak Onawame (42), Hardi Tsugumol (29), Agustinus Anggaibak (14), Jairus Kibak (60), Esau Onawame (33), Yulianus Deikme (20), and Yohanes Kasamol alias Joni (15). If Joni and Anggaibak were indeed involved in the 2002 shooting, they would have been only 10 and 9 years old.

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