London, UK:
Global Financial Capital
for the 21st Century

London, UK, is undisputedly the premiere global financial capital of the world in the 21st century.

The City is undoubtedly Europe's largest and most vibrant center of world finance. More euros are traded daily in London than in the rest of Europe combined. Some 300 languages are spoken there, everything from Acholi to Zulu, all linked to the global lingua franca, english, the native language of the UK.

The "City" of London is a small enclave within the greater part of the larger city of London that is populated by an estimated 7.5 million people. The CITY is almost exactly 1 square mile (2.6 km) in area and is located dead center in the very heart of the larger city of London, per se'.

The City is a major business and financial powerhouse, has a resident population of roughly 10,000 and employs roughly 350,000 professional financial managers. The City is a sovereign entity unto itself and is governed by the City of London Corporation. It has a coat of arms containing 2 inward facing dragons that have a latin motto which translates into, "Lord, guide us". Construction is booming in the City, as a new wave of skyscrapers are continually being built. Already the City boasts the tallest building in Europe, a 300 meter high glass pyramid at the foot of the London Bridge, similiar in design to the TransAmerica pyramid in the city of San Francisco, California, USA.

London has a vast critical mass of markets and financial services in commercial and investment banking, securities and derivatives, fund management, insurance and commodities. The City is playing a key role in pioneering and proliferating the development of the euro and financial service markets across the European Union.

Commonly referred to as the world's new financial hub, the City houses the London Stock Exchange, Lloyds of London and the Bank of England, as well as other important financial institutions such as Barclays Bank, CitiGroup and HSBC. There are over 500 international banks that have offices and branches within the City.

The upcoming 2012 Olympic games are slated to be held in the City of London, bringing investment, status, prestige and international recognition to this newly dubbed 21st century hyper-capitalist city/state.

The City is often referred to as the "wealthiest square mile of land on Earth". It is the Jewish House of Rothschild that owns, runs and controls the infamous 'City' in the very heart of downtown London. As a sovereign entity unto itself, the City commandeers its own internal police force and has recently fortified its perimeter boundries with a so-called "ring of steel", ostensibly to protect its interests against any and all outside external threats.

According to Niall Ferguson's book, "The House of Rothschild", a history of the legendary European/Jewish/Zionist banking family, "there is but one power in Europe and that is Rothschild". The Jewish House of Rothschild, headquartered in the City of London, has been in control of the world for a very long time. Their tentacles reach into many aspects of peoples daily lives throughout the world, principally because of their extensive global financial power in the affairs of nations. The infamous Bilderberg group, formed in the late 1950's and meeting annually in various locations throughout the world, is merely a deceptive front through which the House of Rothschild publically sculpts and shapes its fascist New World Order agenda.

The extent of Jewish Rothschild control over the finances of the USA, in particular, is accomplished through direct private ownership of the US Federal Reserve system, owned by Nathan M Rothschild and Sons of London. Further financial power is furnished through the activities of great jewish banking and investment corporations, headquartered predominantly within the city of New York, USA. These include; Goldman-Sachs, Kuhn-Loeb, Lazard Freres and Lehman Brothers. This hidden force also provides US politicians and universities with large jewish endowments, further solidifying control, influence and subservience to the Jewish House of Rothschild.

Further control is exercised by the US Council of Foreign Relations (CFR), a cousin of the Royal Institute of International Affairs based in London. CFR membership is practically a requirement for getting elected to the US President and Vice President offices in the USA. In fact, VP Dick Cheney was a former director of the CFR.

9/11 and the attack on the World Trade Center in New York, was orchestrated by Britain, America and Israel under orders from the Rothschild Empire as a pretext for removing the freedom and liberty from people worldwide in exchange for global Nazi style state security.

The Jewish House of Rothschild and their New World Order agenda calls for centralized control and authority over the entire planet. Their power is concentrated in the City of London, UK, the core centre of the international banking establishment. Highly organized and operating in a veil of secrecy and deception, international jewry rules the world by proxy, that is, they get others to fight and die for them (i.e. the so-called "American" War on Terror being fought in Iraq and Afghanistan).

The fact that the richest, most powerful transnational empire on Earth is jewish should come as no suprise. The House of Rothschild unabashedly owns and controls the land, economy and destiny of the State of Israel and international judaism, and has been THE major force behind world zionism. Their sole objective at present is to gain control of the entire land base of Palestine, particularily the Holy Temple Mount in Jerusalem.

The Endgame is to implement One World Government, theologically headquartered in Jerusalem, Israel, the spiritual nerve center and endtime platform through which Lucifer (the god of this world) will make his final stand (through a self-annointed jewish Christ figure- the Antichrist of holy scripture) against the coming interdimensional/multidimensional alien/extraterrestrial invasion of the coming Kingdom of Heaven from on high at Judgement Day.

Jonas the Prophet
The City
London, UK
European Union



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