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Descendants of

Jacob "Isaac" Taylor

Rhoda (Smith) Taylor


Jacob "Isaac" Taylor
b: 17 Nov 1792 NC
d: 14 Jan 1881 Blackwater, Laurel Co, KY
m: Rhoda Smith
daughter of
Thomas & Eunice(Lewis) Smith, III
granddaughter of
Thomas &FNU(Davis) Smith, II
b: 10 Jun 1799 SC
d: 16 Jun 1879 Blackwater, Laurel Co, KY


Rhoda's father and uncle,
Thomas-III and Moses Smith,
along with an Ezekiale Smith, John Hibbard,
Isaac Jones and William Jones, are said to be

"The First Families of Goose Creek."
When these Smith-Hibbard-Jones settlers
purchased their lands there (in the late-1700's),
Goose Creek was a part of Knox County, KY, but
in 1807, that section became a part of Clay County, KY.


Glenn E. Perry
One oral tradition that I heard most often about Isaac Taylor (b. 1792)
and Rhoda Smith Taylor (b. 1799) as I was growing up was that they had 21 children,
although sometimes people said 22. I see only 14 on the lists that are available
today. But the legend meshes nicely with the statement by his great granddaughter
Becky Taylor Moore, quoted in Nancy Hale's book on the Taylor family, that
three sets of twins were stillborn.

The second tradition that was much repeated in my youth was that Isaac and Rhoda separated
in their old age. The story is that they saved a thousand dollars, which was a lot of
money in those days, and that he loaned it to sombody who did not pay it back.
Supposedly Rhoda was so angry over her husband's misplaced trust that
she left him (or kicked him out)?).

These two legends come together in another story that repeatedly was told.
It was said that a stranger who passed by announced that he
wanted to see the woman who had had 21 (22?) children. Her response:
"Why, that's nothing. I could have 21 (22?) more if I had a man."

I remember particularly one occasion in the fall of 1958 when my grandmother,
Sarah Humfleet Taylor; my Grandaunt Sarah Taylor Day; my Grandaunt Rebecca Taylor Deming;
and Barbara Corey Tedders (my mother's unofficially adopted second mother)--all except
Aunt Rebecca born in the 1870s--were telling this story, which they seemed to have
heard more than once, and laughing heartily about it.

The 1860 census shows Isaac--but notably not Rhoda--living with his son Clayborn
in Knox County at what later would be called Tedders, KY (in the house that was partially
recycled to build the one on the same spot where I was born). And I believe
that later censuses show Isaac and Rhoda living apart too.

A word about the name "Jacob Isaac Taylor": I can't say that was not his name, but I
see very little to convince me that it was. One piece of evidence is his being listed
as "Jacob Taylor" in the 1850 census. I am inclined to think that the enumerator,
who possibly did not write the information down until later, simply confused the
names of the two biblical patriarchs, as seems natural. Another argument is
that he had a grandson--and obvious namesake--named Jacob Isaac "Jake" Taylor
(son of Clayborn). I am not convinced by that either, for it seems likely to me that
Uncle Jake was named for his two grandfathers, Jacob Woolum and Isaac Taylor.
Furthermore, I have noticed that very few people of the generation born in the late
1700s had middle names and that when they did they regularly used both names,
whereas our ancestor was never known as anything other than "Isaac Taylor."

Isaac's & Rhoda's
List of Descendants

Hiram's Tombstone
(Photo provided by Glenn E. Perry.)
This stone, located next to the graves of Hiram's parents,
suddenly appeared soon after the Taylor Cemetery
Decoration Day, in June 2002.
(Photo enhanced for legibility by webmistress Bobbie Sue.)
Bobbie Sue's personal comments:
"In the course of having this photo under heavy magnification
to enhance the hard-to-read lettering, it was plain to see that
(in spite of the backward D's) the person/persons who created
this tombstone had taken meticulous, pains-taking care in carving
out the lettering. Obviously a lot of respect and love, not to
mention a great deal of TIME, went into the work on it."

William "Bill" Taylor

Henry "Speed" Taylor

Rhoda (Taylor) Tuttle

photo-copied from the ledger of Isaac's & Rhoda's son
William "Bill" Taylor
(b: 1833 - d: 1926)

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