TSS Letitia
TSS Letitia by Odin Rosenvinge
TSS Letitia -- Official Anchor - Donaldson Line Card
Built: 1924, Fairfield, Glasgow.    Yard No: 601
Funnels: 1   Masts: 2
Tonnage: 13,475 GRT
Dimensions: 164.0 x 20.2 m / 538 x 66.3 ft.
Engines: Geared turbines by Brown-Curtis-Fairfield.
Twin Screw;  9,000 SHP;  15, max 16 kn.
Hull: Steel
Passengers: 516-Cabin Class, 1,023-3rd Class
Crew: 300
The Letitia was launched on October 14, 1924 and completed in April 1925. She made her maiden voyage from Glasgow to Montreal on April 24, 1925. In 1933 her passenger accommodation was altered to 298-Cabin Class, 310-Tourist Class, 964-3rd Class. In 1935 her owners changed their name to Donaldson Atlantic Line. In 1939 she was fitted out as an armed merchant cruiser, and later on as a troop transport. In 1944 she served as a Canadian hospital ship. She was sold to the British Ministry of Transport in 1946, but was still managed by Donaldson. She was then renamed Empire Brent. On November 20, 1946 she collided with the British steamer Stormont, which sank. She was overhauled and refitted as a troop transport on the Clyde during December 1947. In July 1948 she made her first voyage on troop transport service to India and the Far East. During 1950 she served on Emigrant service from Glasgow to Sydney. During June 1951 refit as an emigrant ship commenced by Barclay, Curle & Co., at Glasgow, which lasted until January 1952. Her third class accommodation was changed to 1,088-3rd Class passengers, and her tonnage was changed to 13,876 GRT. She was then renamed Captain Cook. On February 5, 1952 she made her first voyage from Glasgow to New Zealand. She returned to the Glasgow to Montreal service in April 1955, but after seven round trips she was put back on the New Zealand service again in October 1955. On April 29, 1960 she arrived at Inverkeithing and was broken up by T.W. Ward.
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