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  1.    New
          One hundred and thirteen Roster Links (113) for Alabama!!! A truly amazing site!!!

          Places and Dates of Deaths of First Alabama Cavalry Soldiers.

          The Civil War in Alabama. The index to this site includes a chronological time line with links to sites focusing on specific resources and or data dealing with the Civil War and Alabama from 1860 to 1865. An amazing site!!!

         Twenty Two Alabama Roster Lists.


  5.    New
          Arizona - Confederate soldiers.


  6.    New
          One hundred and seventy nine Roster Links (179) for Arkansas!!! Another fantastic Civil War website.

         "The Civil War in Arkansas website includes a searchable database so you can find out what happened in various counties during the war in Arkansas, Civil War stories about ancestors of current Arkansans, information about several groups in Arkansas dedicated to recording, reenacting and studying our Civil War heritage, and an interactive message board in which you can share all you know (or would like to know) about the Civil War in Arkansas." {Excerpt from site index page}


  8.    New
          Ten (10) Roster Links for California.

         Did you know that ---"The State of California is credited with providing 15,725 volunteers to the Union Armies during the Civil War." Check out this site to find out more.


  10.    New
          Fourteen (14) Roster Links for Colorado.


  11.    New
          Twenty (20) Roster Links for Connecticut.

          Connecticut Civil War Homepage is organized to assist others who are interested in obtaining information on the men and women that served and the role Connecticut played in the Civil War.

    Dakota Territory

  13.    New
          Two (2) Roster Links for the Territory of Dakota.


  14.    New
          Seven (7) Roster Links for Delaware.

          Information on Delaware and this states activities during the Civil War.


  16.    New
         Fifty three (53) Roster Links for Florida.

         Explore the Civil War in Florida.

         Civil War Military Units in Florida. Please Note from the author: Information from various sources including the book, "Soldiers of Florida".


  19.    New
         One hundred twenty eight (128) Roster Links for Georgia.

         Georgia 49th Infantry Regiment, Companies A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, K.

         "Georgia Civil War Pension Records" Georgia State University has undertaken this project to provide access to the Georgia Department of Archives and History's collection of microfilmed pension records of Georgia confederate civil war veterans and their widows.

         Georgia in the Civil War Website's topics; The Cause of the War, The Blockade, Breaking the South, Marching Through Georgia, The Aftermath and Other Civil War Resources.

         The Georgia State Line better known as "Joe Brown's Pets" website. From the website: ". . .The Georgia State Line, unlike the Militia and Reserves, was a full time army unit. It was not unlike the Provisional Army of the Confederacy in that respect. However, the State Line was under the direct command of Governor Joseph Brown." Not only is there informative history sections but rosters for research purposes.

         Data for Civil War Prisoner of War Camps/Prisons - 1861-1866. Andersonville Prison Union POWs.

         Ingram Diary of 1861 - diary kept by a young man who was overseer for his Aunt's plantation in Fowlstown, Georgia. The diary is a good example of life in a remote area of the deep south about as far removed from battles as one could get.

         3rd Regiment Volunteer Infantry Company G - Civil War reenacting group with researchers.


         9th Georgia Infantry - This page contains a roster, by Company, of the men that served in the 9th Georgia Volunteer Infantry.

         Muster Roll of Company B, 11th Regiment Georgia Volunteer Infantry.


  30.    New
         Finding Your Civil War Ancestor in Idaho - Idaho State Historical Archives.


  31.    New
         One hundred sixty three (163) Roster Links for Illinois.

         Search using the Illinois Civil War Veterans Database search engine.

          All that you want or need to know about Illinois in the Civil War. { Packed full of info and data!!! }

          "Illinois and the Civil War": ~ the history and roster of the 129th Illinois Infantry - Company D - Winchester Illinois.


  35.    New
         Sixty four (64) Roster Links for Indiana.

         Indiana Coalition to Honor Civil War Dead.

          Indiana's role in the Civil War. Warning the sound effects will startle you at first!!!

          "Pensioners on the Roll": Extracted Indiana Counties: Carroll, Cass, Clinton, Grant, Howard, Miami and Tipton - Lists the name of each pensioner, the cause for which pensioned, the post-office address, the rate of pension per month, and the date of original allowance as called for by Senate Resolution of December 8, 1882

          "Indiana and the Civil War": the history and many other facts of the Indiana fighting units during the Civil War.

          Frankton, Indiana Civil War Graves -- A list of civil war veterans buried in and around the small town of Frankton, Indiana.


  41.    New
         Sixty one (61) Roster Links for Iowa.

         15th Iowa Infantry Roster.

         Check out the new SEARCHING page for people looking for identifications, whereabouts, information etc. on Iowa regiments.


  44.    New
         Fourteen (14) Roster Links for Kansas.

          Company F, 11th Calvary Regiment and Company L, N.D.G. Regiment, Kansas Militia, 1863.

  46.    New
          Kansas in the Civil War contains the following topics; Kansas Veterans Buried In Kansas, Kansas Veterans buried in other States, Searchable Civil War Cemetery, Kansas Cemetery Locations and Addresses, Listed by County and more.


  47.    New
         One hundred eight (108) Roster Links for Kentucky.

          Kentucky Civil War - General Links.


  49.    New
         Thirty three (33) Roster Links for Louisana.

         "The Civil War in Louisana Page", created by the Louisiana Office of Tourism.

         "St. Louisans in Gray" Thanks to Capt. Doug Harding who has begun publishing a series called "St. Louisans in Gray" on the Sterling Price Camp SCV website, there will now be a compilation from various sources regarding genealogical/historical and thanks to Capt. Doug Harding (on the Missouri Civil War rootsweb list) this series has just begun being published as a series of "St. Louisans in Gray" on the Sterling Price Camp SCV website.


  52.    New
         Twenty one (21) Roster Links for Maine.

  53.    New
         Maine in the Cvil War - The information contained in this record was gathered from the Annual Report of the Adjutant General of the State of Maine, For the Year Ending December 31, 1866.


  54.    New
         Fourteen (14) Roster Links for Maryland.

  55.    New
         Maryland in the Civil War.

         The Point Lookout MD Prison Camp Records ~ "Confederate Prisoner Records, 1863 January 2 - 1864 June Records", taken from; William L. Clements Library, The University of Michigan, Schoff Civil War Collections;
      The collection comprises of:
    • 43 official letters:the disposition of prisoners;
    • 124 letters written by prisoners - requests to take loyalty oath;
    • 700 letters written by private individuals - concerning prisoners' well-being.


  57.    New
         Thirty (30) Roster Links for Massachusetts.

         22nd MASSACHUSETTS VOLUNTEER INFANTRY" An amazing site which not only focuses specifically on the 22nd but elaborates on much more than just history. A MUST visit!

  59. http://www.MassachusettsCivilWar.Com
         "Massachusetts Civil War Research Center." This site contains a comprehensive collection of information pertaining to soldiers, sailors and marines who served in Massachusetts units and regiments during the Civil War. Information found on this site was taken in part from documents prepared, compiled and published by the Adjutant General's Office of Massachusetts in 1888.

         "53rd Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry" ~ Includes the following topics:
    [ What's New? ][ Intro ][ Sources ][ Service ][ Details ][ Rosters ][ Letters & Diaries ][ Links ]


  61.    New
         Eighty (80) Roster Links for Michigan.
         Michigan Regimental Rosters.

         How to Request Michigan Civil War Ancestor's Military Records from the Nat'l Archives.

         "Michigan in the Civil War" ~ An excellent site. A database of over 80,000 soldiers is available amongst many other research information.


  65.    New
         Twelve (12) Roster Links for Minnesota.


  66.    New
         One hundred seven (107) Roster Links for Mississippi.

         Mississippi Units in the Civil War. Excerpt from the website -- "The following is a comprehensive list of land units from Mississippi in the Civil War. There are several important sources for identifying Mississippi units (see the bibliography of principal sources)."

  68. http//
         Mississppi Civil War information and data. { Last Updated June 13, 2000 }


  69.    New
         Everything and more about St. Louis' families. There are databases and information on family history like you wouldn't believe. A must for those with ancestors from this area.
         Some of what is at this site:
    • Link to St. Louis Pensioners on the Roll, 1883
    • St. Clair County, IL Marriages (1806-1810)
    • Tidbits from St. Louis Newspapers
    • American Revolution connections to St. Louis
    • Link to Ben Blewett 1937 School Yearbook

         I might also add that this site is the collaborative effort of many, who are committed to seeing public information given freely for all researchers. Bravo to the web author - Dave Lossos, for an extremely useful website.

  70.    New
         Fifty (50) Roster Links for Missouri.

          "Confederate Missouri Civil War Information." This index page contains all sorts of info illustrating the complexities of the Civil War within the involved States.

          "Missouri Civil War Information." The index page has to be seen to be believed. If your looking for info on your ancestry from Missouri - this is the site to start.

          The home page of the Missouri Commandery of the Military Order of the Loyal Legion of the United States.

         "Index to the Civil War in Missouri Links and Resources" ~ Facts about Missouri and its effect on the outcome of the Civil War. A great research site BUT as is usual for all online info. -- Check out the source of documentation!


         "The Civil War in Montana", written by Tom Sargent, Rev.2, 28 March 1999. This thirty page essay is on line for your reading!


  76.    New
         Eleven (11) Roster Links for Nebraska.

    New Hampshire

  77.    New
         Six (6) Roster Links for New Hampshire.

         Repository of Genealogical & Historical Records - New Hampshire Archive - Regimental History Excerpts on the Regiment of Green Mountain Boys 1775 to 1783 Hampton Falls, NH.-- Soldiers of the 5th NH Infantry

    New Jersey

  79.    New
         Twenty five (25) Roster Links for New Jersey.

         "New Jersey in the Civil war"; New Jersey's role in the Civil War is examined by using four subtopics:
    • A. - Horrors of War,
    • B. - Opposing Viewpoints,
    • C. - Battles,
    • D. - Ellis' Letters

    New Mexico

  81.    New
         Four (4) Roster Links for New Mexico.

         Civil War in New Mexico - Table of Contents: Civil War Links

    • Glorieta Pass - A new novel by P.G. Nagle, a fictional account centered around the decisive Battle of Glorieta.
    • Confederate Memorial
    • Muster Rolls of Mounted Volunteers
    • New Mexico Regiments
    • Battle of Valverde
    • Texas Volunteers
    • Civil War Links
    • Civil War in New Mexico
    • Civil War Maps
    • Sirley and Scully
    • Recommended Reading List

          Hispanic America, USA -- Company A,1st New Mexico Infantry

    New York

  84.    New
         One hundred fifty one (151) Roster Links for New York.

          Herkimer and Montgomery Counties, New York Civil War Rosters.

          Civil War Veterans Buried in Yorkshire, New York.

         New York State and the Civil War Home Page ~
    "This site deals with the Empire State's role in the War of the Rebellion and its aftermath, and the contributions and sacrifices of her sons and daughters...."

    North Carolina

  88.    New
         One hundred twenty two (122) Roster Links for North Carolina.

         Confederate States of America - North Carolina Troops -- Records of Specific Surnames.

         North Carolina Civil War Home Page ~
         "The purpose of this page is to create a virtual central repository for information about North Carolina in the American Civil War..."


  91.    New
         Seventy six (76) Roster Links for Ohio.

         Ohio in the Civil War Homepage Table of Contents Includes the following:
    Infantry | Artillery | Cavalry | Other Units | Prisons | War Stories | Musicians | Round Tables | Research Sites | Ohio Books in Print | Search the Database | Message Board |


  93.    New
         Seven (7) Roster Links for Oklahoma.


  94.    New
         One hundred eight (108) Roster Links for Pennsylvania.

  95.    New
         Pennsylvania Volunteers of the Civil War - site detailing the; AMERICAN CIVIL WAR. Union and Confederate POWs of the Civil War. Searchable databases of Confederate prisoners at Union prison camps and Union prisoners at Confederate prison camps.

         Franklin County, Pennsylvania Roster List.

         "Pennsylvania in the Civil War" ~ A List from A to Z of soldiers with their military unit, company, references where to find the individual and a listed bibliography given!! Someone did a grand job on this!!

    Rhode Island

  98.    New
         Eleven (11) Roster Links for Rhode Island.

    South Carolina

  99.    New
         One hundred four (104) Roster Links for South Carolina.

         South Carolina in the Civil War Homepage ~{ Excerpt for the website } "...This website is devoted to compiling news, events and a comprehensive list of links about South Carolina in the Civil War. Historians, researchers, and genealogists should find this page to be extremely useful...."


  101.    New
         One hundred seventy (117) Roster Links for Tennesseee.

         44th Tennesseee Infantry Roster Lists.

         Tennesseee CSA Units. ***An excellent site for data resources.

         Tennesseee ~ Confederate Pension Applications: Soldiers and Widows.

         Tennessee and the Civil War.

    Presented is one of the number of sections found at this site. "Tennesseeans in the Civil War" ~
    In 1964, the Civil War Centennial Commission published a two volume set called Tennesseeans in the Civil War. Part I contains the Military Histories of Confederate and Union Units. These military units histories are presented in this section.
          TENNESSEE INFANTRY and CAVALRY REGIMENTS by Counties - Civil War. Not only Books, periodicals, but websites galore!!!


  107.    New
         Fifty nine (59) Roster Links for Texas.

          Texas State Library and Archives Commission.

          Confederate Pension claims search engine held by the Texas State Archives.

          Texas in the Civil War - Texas General Information For; Artillery || Cavalry || Infantry units and more.

          Texas Confederate Pensions Index - this is a search engine to a database of some 54,000 pension application records.


  112.    New
         Twenty (20) Roster Links for Vermont.

          Vermont in the Civil War.


  114.    New
         One hundred fifty five (155) Roster Links for Virginia.

          Page County, the list presented by Luray Chapter #436, Virginia Division, United Daughters of the Confederacy includes those men from Page County who laid down their lives in defense of Virginia, their homes, and their families.

  116.    New
          Augusta County, Virginia Roster List, Battalion of the 11th Regiment of the Virginia Militia in 1802, 54th and 64th Virginia Infantry.

         Russell County Virginia - 1860 - 1865. A very informative site!

  118. http://jefferson.village.Virginia.EDU/vshadow2/
       "Valley of the Shadow: Two Communities During the Civil War" The Valley of the Shadow is a University of Virginia Research Project

      The Valley of the Shadow Project takes two communities, one Northern and one Southern, through the experience of the American Civil War. The project is a hypermedia archive of thousands of sources for the period before, during, and after the Civil War for Augusta County, Virginia, and Franklin County, Pennsylvania. Those sources include newspapers, letters, diaries, photographs, maps, church records, population census, agricultural census, and military records. Students can explore every dimension of the conflict and write their own histories, reconstructing the life stories of women, African Americans, farmers, politicians, soldiers, and families. The project is intended for secondary schools, community colleges, libraries, and universities.

         Virginians Home Page" Intro; "This World Wide Web site is devoted to three publications on Virginia genealogy by Dr. William McCaddin Pritchett and his son, John W. Pritchett..." Within each of the summaries there are surnames searchable data bases made available.

         Civil War Resources - Virginia Military Institute Archives Introduction - "...This page highlights the Civil War collections held by the VMI Archives, and presents many manuscripts and featured topics in full text format..."

          Virginia Civil War Home Page.

    West Virginia

  122.    New
         Fifty one (51) Roster Links for West Virginia.

          West Virginia in the Civil War - Note Dedication from the web site- -- "West Virginia became the 35th state of the Union on June 20, 1863. Created in the midst of the Civil War, West Virginia provided to the Union Army 31,872 regular army troops, 133 sailors and marines, and 196 United States Colored Troops, during that terrible conflict of 1861-1865. It is also estimated that somewhere between 16,000 and 20,000 men served in the Confederate Army in this war of "brother versus brother." This web site is dedicated to the honor and memory of the Civil War soldiers, sailors, and marines of West Virginia."

          2nd West Virginia Volunteer Cavalry, U.S. compiled by Larry Stevens.


  125.    New
         Twenty nine (29) Roster Links for Wisconsin.

          Roster of the 26th Wisconsin Regiment.

          Finding Your Civil War Ancestor in Wisconsin. ~ From the author; " I've put this page together to provide you with a few tips about identifying your ancestor by rank and regiment, and where his service records might reside (if they still exist)..."

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