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They Call Me T-Bone
M@Dead Poetry Contest
by Sonny Young

This is kind of hard to explain. In the summer of 1995, I headed out to run the Pike's Peak Ascent in Colorado. As part of the buildup prior to the trip West, a M@Dead Poetry contest about my race started somehow. The creative juices were flowing and some of the entrants were very good. Below, is Sonny Young's entry, making its theme my then nickname.


Call me T-Bone, T-Bone Reed
I once battled Bill Rodgers, for the lead
I burst like a bullet, at the sound of the gun
A bemused Boston Billy didn't know I was having fun
The champion runner was ready to flip his lid,
Finally, he queried, "First one, heh kid?"

Call me T-Bone, T-Bone Reed
A grilled juicy steak is all I need
So fire up that charcoal, get it nice and hot
Some choice cut meat will really hit the spot
But be careful where you picnic, because though I'm not mean
If I sit next to vegetarians, they sometimes turn green.

Call me T-Bone, T-Bone Reed
I go to Whitey's when I want a big feed
The hotcakes, hash browns and coffee make me croon
I can pour beer in my cereal, this ain't your typical greasy spoon
Yeah, it's a fun-loving place, never filled with malice
I salute you, Whitey, for your broasting palace.

Call me T-Bone, T-Bone Reed
If it's a story you want, here's my creed
I have many tales to tell, I'm a regular Aesop
Some funny, some sad, they're always hard to top
But if it's a tall tale you want, just wait a few weeks
The tallest tale will come when I run up Pike's Peak!

	Sonny Young
	Alexandria, Virginia

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