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This page is part of me,it's not about my life!just some of my hobbies...

Beauty Little Mermaid Hej!

Since I've visited Danemark,I have discovered the beauty of the country, wonderful people...they are easy to be friends and to talk...I mean they are probably friendliest persons in the world!
Even if I have not met all type of people If you are a Dane person feel free to drop by and sign my Guest Book we may become friends one day!I'm sure we'll share many things in common...

super Star One of mine favorite actress,she's someone who can play any role
superstar One of mine favorite actors too,if he hadn't been an actor he would have been a judge!,through his films,all his life he always seeks for JUSTICE!
BuddhismBuddhism is my religion,in fact it is not really a religion,it's just a way of life,if you are still reincarnated because of your KARMA!even you if you have a good Karma,you are still reborn until you reach the Enlightment like the BUDDHA himself! Buddhism

Thought of the day,Here are some of the famous Quotes:

"The only thing a man can take beyond this lifetime is his ethics"(Unknown)

"I think we can carry over our soul too"(My Self)

"An Involuntary return to the point of departure is the most disturbing of all journeys"(Ian Sinclair)

"Own only what you can always carry with you.Let your memory be your travelbag"(Alex Solzhenitsyn)

"A traveler without knowledge is a bird without wings"(Sa'Di)

"Nothing is lost on a journey by stopping to pray or to feed your horse"(Spanish Proverb)

"It is much easier to be critical than to be correct"(Benjamin Disraeli)

"Do not blame anybody for your mistakes and failures"(Bernard Baruch)

"Even when the mouth lies,the way it looks still tells the truth"(Nietzsche)

"Love has nothing to do with what you are expecting to get-only with what you are expecting to give"(K Hepburn)

"One doesn't give a gift without a motive"(West African saying)

"There is no motive for a present"(Me)

"The greedy man stores all but friendship"(Irish Proverb)

"He who graps loses"(Tao Te Ching)

"Blessed are those who can give without remembering,and take without forgetting"(Elizabeth Browning)

"The person who gives the greeting first is free from vanity"(Muhammad)

"The manner giving is worth more than a gift"(Pierre Corneille)

"The fragrance remains in the hand that gives the rose"(Heda Bejar)

"He who has great power should use it lightly"(BC-AO65)

"We must have old memory and young hopes"(Unknown)

"Hasten Slowly"(Augustus Caesar)

"Nothing succeeds like excess"(Oscar Wild)

"They who have nothing have little to fear nothing to lose or to gain(Madison Cawein)

"Chance never helps those who do not help themselves"(Sophocles)

"Never confuse movement with action"(Ernest Hemingway)

"There is no blue without yellow and without orange"(V Gogh)

"The dreadful dead of dark midnight"(Shakespeare)

"When you go to buy use eyes not your ears"(Czech Proverb)

"Consistency is contrary to nature,contrary to life"(A Huxley)

"If we didn't find anything plaisant,at least we shall find something new"(Voltaire)

"I love her too but our neuroses just don't match"(Arthur Miller)

"Gratitude is the heart's memory"(French Proverb)

"It was said of old Sarah,Duchess of Marlborough,that she never puts dots over her i's,to save ink!"(Horace Walpole)

Still to come...

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