Soda Cans of Malaysia

The cans displayed in this page are Soda Cans from Malaysia. Almost all cans have both the English and the Malay language. The name of the drink in mostly in English on one side of the can and Malay on the other side. The contents of the drink in the can is always in the Malay language.

All can are in good condition. No dents, scratches or damages unless otherwise specified.

Choose the cans you like and place your orders via e-mail. All Cans Are Priced at $2.00 each.

These Soda Cans are canned by the F & N Coca-Cola Company of Malaysia

1. F & N Carbonated Grape Drink with a little real juice added. 2. F & N Carbonated Mixed Fruits Drink with a little real juice added. 3. F & N Carbonated Strawberry Drink with a little real juice added. 4. F & N Carbonated Zapple Drink with a little real juice added. 5. F & N Carbonated Orange Drink with a little real juice added. 6. Coca-Cola. 7. Diet Coke. 8. Diet Coke Light. 9. Ginger Beer. 10. Sarsi. 11. Soda Water. 12. Tonic. 13. Ginger Ale. 14. Ice Cream Soda. 15. Sprite. 16. 100 Plus Isotonic Drink. 17. 100 Plus Tangy Isotonic Drink. 18. 100 Plus Isotonic Drink mixed with Orange. 19. Schweppes Ginger Ale. 20. Schweppes Grape Fruit. 21. Schweppes Lemon. 22. Scheweppes Lime. 23. Schweppes Limon. 24. Schweppes Soda Water.

These Soda Cans are canned for the Pepsi Company by Permanis Sdn Bhd.

201. Pepsi from Malaysia. 202. Diet Pepsi from malaysia. 203. Pepsi Light From Malaysia. 204. Pepsi Twist from Malaysia. 205. Pepsi Twist Light from Malaysia. 206. Pepsi Twist  from Thailand. 207. Pepsi Can with picture of Football Player Rui Costa from Thailand. 209. Pepsi Can with picture of Football Player Petit from Thailand. 209. Pepsi Can with picture of Football Player Veron from Thailand. 210. Pepsi Blue from Malaysia. 211. Pepsi Blue Rock Singers Picture from Malaysia.

Other Cans By Pepsi Company

A201. 7 UP. A202. Mirinda Grape. A203. Mirinda Cream. A204. Mirinda Orange. A205. Mirinda Strawberry. A206. Mountain Dew. A207. Excel Isotonic Drink.

Root Beer Cans

301. A & W Root Beer. 302. Cheers Root Beer. 303. Dad's Root Beer. 304. Frost Root Beer. 305. Mug Root Beer.

Soda Cans By Other Manufacturers

401. Cheers Fruit Punch. 402. Cheers Sarsi. 403. Cheers Ice Cream Soda. 404. Cheers Root Beer. 405. Zap Ice Cream Soda. 406. Kickapoo. 407. Fizzi Lychee. 408. Fizzi Sour Sop. 409. Fizzi Cola. 410. Poly Cola. 411. Green Spot Orange. 412. Sunkist Orange.

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