Inscriptions Overprints On Stamps - P (195) Submit Inscriptions Overprints On Stamps
18 December 2001
Inscriptions Overprints On Stamps
No Name Languange Description
1 P South Australia Official overprint (Police).
2 P (With star and crescent in circle) Straits Settlements, Malaya overprint for Perak.
3 P (With no country name, with value and Queen's cameo) Great Britain.
4 P Colombia-Scadta consular overprint for Panama.
5 P (number) P Switzerland inscription,
6 P.A. South Australia Official overprint (Protector of Aborigines).
7 P.C.C.P. Russia (Union of Soviet Socialist Republics).
8 P.D. and numeral St. Pierre and Miquelon overprint on stamps of French Colonies.
9 P.E. Egypt.
10 P.G.S. Perak Official overprint on Straits Settlements.
11 P.L. Teheran Iran overprint.
12 P.M. Italy overprint (Military Stamps).
13 P.O. South Australia Official overprint (Post Office).
14 P.O.n.N.T. (Resembles these letters) Ukraine overprint on stamps of Russia, Offices in the Turkish Empire.
15 P.P. France Postage Due overprint, Offices in Morocco.
16 P.P.C. Poland overprint, Offices in Turkey.
17 P.P.C. China overprint on stamps of Wuhu Treaty Port stamps.
18 P.S. South Australia Official overprint (Private Secretary).
19 P.S.N.C. (One letter in each corner of stamp) Peru.
20 P.W. South Australia Official overprint (Public Works).
21 Pa'anga Tonga money unit.
22 Pabay Great Britain Local Carriage labels.
23 Pacchi Postali (With "Sul Bolletti no Sull Ricevuta") Italy; (With "Bolleta Ricevuta") San Marino; (With star and crescent) Somalia.
24 Packenmarke Russia, Wenden-Livonia.
25 Packhoi France overprint on stamps of Indo-China, Offices in China.
26 Padroes De Grande Guerra Portugal Postal Tax overprint.
27 Pahang Straits Settlements, Malaya, Malaysia.
28 Paisa Afghanistan, Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Pakistan money unit.
29 Paise Arab Language countries money unit.
30 Paita Peru Provisional issue overprint.
31 Pakhoi IndoChina overprint.
32 Pakistan Pakistan overprint on stamps of India.
33 Pakkeporto Greenland Parcel Post.
34 Palau Currently Palau Republic, former U.S. Trust Territory.
35 Palestine Egypt overprint, Occupation of Palestine.
36 Palestine Palestine overprint with Hebrew, Arabic letters, British Mandate.
37 Papua Papua New Guinea overprint on stamps of British New Guinea.
38 Papua And New Guinea Papua New Guinea.
39 Para, Paras Austria, Germany, France, Great Britain, Italy, Romania, Russia overprint, money unit.
40 Paris 1931 France (Without name of French Colony).
41 Parm, Parma, Parmensi ParmaItalian States.
42 Particular Nicaragua overprint.
43 Pasco Peru Provisional issue overprint.
44 Patiala India Convention State overprint.
45 Patmos Italy, Aegean Islands overprint.
46 Patzcuaro Mexico BOGUS Provisional Issue.
47 PE Colombia-Scadta consular overprint for Peru.
48 Pechino stamps of Italy overprinted for Peking, China, Italian Offices.1917.
49 Pen, Penni, Pennias Finland money unit.
50 Penang Malaya, Straits Settlements State Issue.
51 Penny Express Co. United States Local Post.
52 Penrhyn Island Penrhyn Island overprint on stamps of Cook Islands, New Zealand.
53 People's Democratic Republic Of Of Yemen Yemen.
54 People's Republic Of Southern Yemen Yemen overprint on stamps of South Arabia.
55 Per Pacchi Vatican Parcel Post overprint.
56 Perak Malaya, Malaysia.
57 Perlis Malaya, Malaysia State Issue.
58 Persane(s) Iran (Persia).
59 Persekutuan Tanah Melayu Malaya.
60 Persia Iran.
61 Peruana Peru.
62 Perv Peru.
63 Pesa German East Africa overprint on stamps of Germany, money unit.
64 Peseta(s) (Coat of arms) Peru; (No coat of arms) Spain.
65 PF, PFG Germany overprint, Offices in China; Estonia overprint on stamps of Russia, German Occupation.
66 Pfennig German Language countries money unit.
67 Philippines Philippines overprint on stamps of United States, American Dominion.
68 PI (With Arabic writing) Thrace overprint on stamps of Turkey.
69 Piaster Austria, Germany, Offices in Turkey.
70 Piastra France, Great Britain, Russia overprint, money unit, Offices in Turkey; Italy, Offices in Crete, Turkey.
71 Piastro Italy overprint, money unit, Offices in Crete.
72 Piastro Italy overprint, Offices in Turkey.
73 Pice Nepal money unit.
74 Pies India money unit.
75 Pilgrim Tercentenary United States inscription.
76 Pilipinas Philippines, Japanese Occupation.
77 Pinkney's Express Post United States Local Post.
78 Pinsin(e) Ireland money unit.
79 Pisagua Peru overprint on stamps of Chile, Chilean Occupation.
80 Pisco Peru Provisional issue overprint.
81 Piscopi Italy, Aegean Islands overprint.
82 Piura Peru Provisional issue overprint.
83 Pjon, Pjonustu(sta) Iceland inscription or overprint.
84 Plauen Germany WWII local issue.
85 Plebiscit Slesvig Schieswig.
86 Plebiscite Olzstyn Allenstein Allenstein overprint on stamps of Germany.
87 Poccir Russia, South Russia.
88 Poczta Poland.
89 Poczta Litwa Srodkowa Central Lithuania.
90 Poczta Polska Poland; Germany overprint, Polish Occupation; Also Poland overprint on stamps of Austria.
91 Poftgebiet Ob.Oft Lithuania overprint on stamps of Germany, German Occupation.
92 Pohjois Inkeri North Ingermanland.
93 Polecona Poland Officials.
94 Polska Poland.
95 Polska Poczta Poland overprint on stamps of Austria.
96 Polynesie Francaise French Polynesia.
97 Pomeroy's Letter Express United States Local Post.
98 Ponce Puerto Rico, American Dominion.
99 Poonch India Feudatory State.
100 Port Cantonal Switzerland Envelope used as adhesive.
101 Port Gdansk Poland overprint, Offices in Danzig.
102 Port Lagos Francs, Offices in Turkey for Port Lagos.
103 Porte De Conduccion Peru Parcel Post.
104 Porte De Mar Mexico (Indicated the amount to be paid to sea captains for taking outgoing foreign mail.)
105 Porte Franco (Correos) Peru; Portugal inscription.
106 Porteado Portugal Postage Due.
107 Porto Austria Postage Due overprint, Offices in Turkey.
108 Porto Denmark, Jugosiavia Postage Due inscription.
109 Porto Gazetei Romania, Moldavia. PORTO MARKA Croafia Postage Due.
110 Porto Rico Puerto Rico overprint on stamps of United States, American Dominion.
111 Portomarke Bosnia and Herzegovina, Norway Postage Due.
112 Port-Said France, Offices in Egypt.
113 Posseel-Postage South Africa.
114 Post & Receipt India with value in annas, Hyderabad.
115 Post Schilling SchieswigHoistein money unit (with no country name).
116 Post Stamp India with value in annas-Hyderabad.
117 Post USSR Octagonal design in Russian on stamped envelopes. Applied in Kiev post office.
118 Post Zegel Netherlands Postage Due (with no country name).
119 Posta 15, Posta 35 Tannu Tuva.
120 Posta Ceskoslovenske Armady Sibirske Siberia (Czechoslovak Army Post).
121 Posta Romana Romania.
122 Posta Romana Constantinople overprint on stamps of Romania, Constantinople,1919.
123 Postage Grenada overprint on bisected stamps with Queen's head. Also India with inscribed value in annas. Hyderabad.
124 Postage Camb Aust Sigillum Nov New South Wales.
125 Postage Correos Ponce issue of Puerto Rico.
126 Postage Due Australia, Great Britain with value in pence or shilling; Ireland with value in pinsin.
127 Postage, Postage & Revenue (With picture of King or Queen and value in penny, pence, pound or shilling) Great Britain.
128 Postagei.E.F.'D. Mesopotamia overprint on stamps of Turkey.
129 Postal Commission Ceylon overprint on the 4-cent stamps of 1883, used to denote the extra commission charged by the post office on money orders which had not been cashed within three months of issue.
130 Postal Union Congress London 1929 Great Britain.
131 Postas De Hioc(Nioc) Ireland Postage Due.
132 Postat Shqiptare Albania.
133 Poste Aerieo, Aerienne Iran air mail overprint (with no country name).
134 Poste Centime (With fine line network in background) France, Alsace and Lorraine, German Occupation.
135 Poste Coloniali Italiane Italian Colonies.
136 Poste De Geneve Switzerland Canton of Geneva.
137 Poste Di Fivme Flume.
138 Poste Estensi Modena.
139 Poste Italiane Italy.
140 Poste Khedive Egiziane Egypt.
141 Poste Locale Switzerland Canton of Geneve; Also Turkey (Liannos's Local Post).
142 Poste Vaticane Vatican City.
143 Postek Hedeuieegiziane Egypt.
144 Postes Belgium, France, French Colonies, Luxembourg.
145 Postes (With red crescent and 1954) Afghanistan Tax Stamp.
146 Postes Afghanes Afghanistan.
147 Postes De Coree Korea.
148 Postes Egyptiennes Egypt.
149 Postes Hedjaz & Nedjde Nejd, Saudi Arabia.
150 Postes Lao Laos.
151 Postes Ottomanes Turkey.
152 Postes Paye Haiti provisional overprint.
153 Postes Persanes Iran (Persia).
154 Postes Serbes Serbia overprint on stamps of France for Corfu.
155 Postfaerge Denmark Parcel Post.
156 Postgebiet Ob.Oft Lithuania overprint on stamps of Germany, German Occupation.
157 Postmarke Brunswick.
158 Pouls Afghanistan money unit.
159 Prangko Taboengau Pos Indonesia overprint, Japanese Occupation (Savings stamps).
160 Prensa Uruguay Newspaper overprint.
161 Preussen Prussia.
162 Price's 8th Ave. Post Office United States Local Post.
163 Price's City Express United States Local Post.
164 Priest's Paid Despatch United States Local Post.
165 Prima Valores Declarados Dominican Republic overprint.
166 Prince Farouk Egypt.
167 Prince Letter Dispatch United States Local Post.
168 Principaute De Monaco Monaco (Principality).
169 Prir Iceland overprint.
170 Pristina Turkey overprint.
171 Private Post Office United States Local Post.
172 Pro Tacna Y Arica Peru Postal Tax.
173 Pro Tuberculosos Pobres Spain Postal Tax.
174 Pro Union Iberoamericana Spain (Spanish American Union).
175 Protectorado Espanol Spanish Morocco.
176 Protectorate Bechuanaland Protectorate overprint for Bechuanaland.
177 Protectorate Francais France overprint on stamps of stamps inscribed "Chiffre Taxe", Offices in Morocco.
178 Providence Despatch United States Local Post.
179 Provincie Franco Bollo Modonesi Modena.
180 Provinz Laibach Italy overprint for Ljubljana, or Laibach, German Occupation.
181 Provinz Sachsen Germany WWII local issue.
182 Prussia German State. PS Colombia, (Script letters) Cauca.
183 Pto. Rico Puerto Rico overprint on stamps of United States, American Dominion.
184 Public Letter Office United States Local Post envelope.
185 Publisher's Paid Stamp United States, Wells Fargo Local Post.
186 Puerto Rico Puerto Rico overprint on stamps of United States, American Dominion.
187 Pul Afghanistan money unit. PULAU PENANG, PINANG Malaysia (State).
188 Puno Peru Provisional issue overprint.
189 Puolustusvoimat Finland (Military stamps).
190 Pus Indonesia Postage Due.
191 Puttiala India overprint for State of Patiala.
192 Pyas Burma money unit.
193 Pyb Finland, Russia, South Russia.
194 Pycchion (Resembles these letters) Russia overprint for Offices in Turkey (Wrangel Issue).
195 Pycckar Noyta (Resembles these letters) Latvia overprint on stamps of Russia, Russian Occupation (Prepared but never used).