Rating: NC-17
Summary … PWP!!!
Author’s note:  Please do not ask me where this came from!!! 

Kathryn entered the holodeck to find a simulation already running.  Her eyes strained to adjust to the dim lighting, a complete contrast to the bright lights of Voyager.  She tentatively  moved forward a couple of paces and hit her foot on something.

“What the hell?” she cursed, rubbing her toe. 

This was meant to be her time dammit.  She’d had this slot booked for weeks.  She sighed.  Whoever was here would just have to shut down their dismal programme and leave. 

“Hello?” she called out, venturing a little further into the murky shadows.

She was on a ship; that much she gathered.  It was dark and cramped, very basic, the stale air smoky.  She coughed.  Her heels made loud clicking noises on the bare metal floor.  Not a Starfleet vessel.     

There were no klaxons, but the Red Alert lights were flashing intermittently, giving the ship a ghost-like quality.  It was unsettling and she shivered.

‘Relax,’ she told herself, ‘it’s the holodeck … the safeties are on …’ 

“Hello?” she repeated, stumbling.

“What are you doing here, Janeway?”

“I … I can’t see you …” blindly she groped for the wall panel.  “Where am I?”

“My ship.”

“But … I don’t …”

“It’s a simulation of my ship.  Liberty.  Ironic don’t you think?”

“What? …”

“The name, Liberty,” he repeated.

Once more she almost lost her footing and reached out blindly, her hands coming into contact with a broad leather-clad torso.

“Steady Captain, wouldn’t want you to injure yourself.”

Something definitely wasn’t right.

“Commander …”

“You’re on my ship now, so its Captain Chakotay I think.” 

His breath was hot on her face, his scent invading her nostrils, spicy, tinged with a powerful rawness. 

He continued in the same slow voice, “Equal ranks.”

Her head shook a little, and he laughed at her obvious confusion.

“Let me explain …” he intoned.

She gasped, feeling his palm roughly encase her breast, squeezing, hard. 

“Chakotay … stop …”

The rest of the sentence was lost as his mouth clamped forcibly on hers, and his tongue invaded her mouth.  She struggled, and felt his erection growing solidly against her stomach.  Questing fingers found her nipple, twisting it through the flimsy material of the dress she wore and she yelped. 

“Admit it … you want me … you want me to fuck you …”

“No …” even to her, her voice sounded weak.

“Really?” his words vibrated against her skin.

‘Oh God, please don’t let him find that …’ 

“Nooo!” she squirmed, instinctively rocking her hips, as he nibbled the spot under her ear.

“Like that, Captain?” he mocked, pinching her nipple harder and biting at the pale flesh exposed by her neatly pinned hair.

“Please …”

His hand drove up under her dress, prising her thighs apart to cup her mound.  His touch was punishing, his fingers probing.  She tried to move, but his greater body weight pushed her easily against the bulkhead, like she was a rag doll.

“Lace, huh?” he panted, sucking her skin into an angry red mark.

“Yes …” an answer and a plea.

“You’re very wet down here, Kathryn …”

She could’ve died.  Luckily the dim lighting hid her blushing cheeks. 

“I’m going to make you a hell of a lot wetter,” he promised.

“What … you … in mind …” even her thoughts were leaving her, taking her pride with them.

“First …” his fingers moved inside her panties, “I’m going to tease you … then I’m going to make you beg me for release …”

She snorted derisively.

“Oh, don’t think that you won’t Kathryn.”

“Oohh!” she cried, stiffening as he worked a thick finger into her opening. 

He pumped her, and her cries turned to whimpers.  She was getting aroused and slick.  Easily he inserted a second finger into her.

“This feel good?”

She bit on her lip, breathing heavily through her nose, but remained silent.

“I’ll break you Janeway.”

He pulled his fingers away then returned them, with one long, deep thrust.  Her legs buckled and she clung to his shoulders. 

Kathryn heard a rip.  Her dress was torn, straight down the middle.  Her pretty feminine bra suffered the same fate. 

“Computer, increase lighting in holo-programme by forty per-cent,” he ordered.

She blinked rapidly, eyes watering from both the brighter lights and the humiliation.  She was exposed to his greedy stare, except for her panties, which his hand continued to share.

“Very nice Captain,” he whispered, looking directly at her breasts.  “Bigger than I thought.”

He bent to capture the nipple he had been twisting.   It was sore, and reddened from his excessive attention.  He suckled it, devouring her soft shape, holding her against his mouth with his palm.  She couldn’t think, couldn’t breathe … nothing existed.   A spasm hit her, making her jerk, as his thumb flicked at her aching clit.

“Ready to beg yet, Kathryn?” he asked, speaking around the sensitive tip clutched between his teeth.

“No!” she hissed.

He chuckled, slowing the rhythm of his fingers, lazily sliding them back and forth.  She groaned.

“Ready now?”

She groaned again and jolted as his free hand moved to knead her other breast, just brushing the nipple into a puckered apex. 

Her final betrayal was near. 

Her body quivered, desperate for more.

“Yes …” she acquiesced. 

“Tell me,” he growled.

“Fuck me Chakotay … please.  Take me.  Hard.”

Without another word he yanked down her panties and turned her, forcing her chin to the wall.  The remains of her dress fell to the floor.  She was naked.  Totally naked.

She felt him pressing against her, hot and insistent.  Her teeth gritted.

“I’m going to fuck you like the Starfleet bitch you are!” he grunted, using his thigh to push her legs apart.

The bulkhead was grainy, and her chin grated badly as he pushed into her.  Her scream echoed. 

“Too soon … hurts …”

“You wanted it like this!”

“Slower … please,” she begged, her face banging against the wall.

Blood was in her mouth.  She’d bitten her tongue.  More pain added to the one between her legs.  Harder and harder he drove, lifting her with each powerful thrust.

His hands were all over her, snaking lower, through the springy curls, swirling, seeking.  She groaned as he pressed her clit, making her traitorous body release a gush of fluids, easing his bruising pace. 

“Yesss …” she whimpered.

His teeth were marking her shoulders and back; that much she knew, while her nipples were being tugged savagely.  She was helpless, her position leaving little room for her to return the favours. 

“You like it rough, Starfleet bitch?” he rasped, holding her tighter.

“Harder.  Fuck me harder.  Make me your whore,” she instructed, glaring at him over her shoulder.

“I can feel you … tight … wet … my cock is fucking you … good …”

“I can feel it … so big …” she cooed.  “I’m stretched so wide …  deep, deeper…”

He kissed her open mouth, sucking on her tongue.  He surrounded her, invaded her, crushed her. “This is how the Maquis fuck … I’m going to use your body.  Fuck you till you can’t stand.”

‘That won’t be much longer,’ she thought, arching against him. 

“Come.  Come for me,” he urged, massaging her swollen clit.

“Argh!!!” she yelped.  “Oh God!  Sweet Heaven! Oh … Help … Chak …”

She slumped, panting, her legs too weak to support her.  Chakotay withdrew, allowing her to fall to her knees.  Not giving her time to catch her breath, he yanked her head into position, using her dishevelled hair as leverage.

“Go on, take it,” he ordered, slapping the sides of her mouth with his large erection, smearing her own juices along her lips.  “Suck it.”

Gasping for air, Kathryn’s mouth was filled as he surged forward, making her gag.  He was salty, a mixture of them both.  Her hand stroked the base, trying to control his jerks.  He smelt musky, his wiry black hairs damp and slick from her own shattering orgasm.  He wouldn’t last long.  Her tongue worked him, sliding along his length, whirling around the slit, lapping and sucking, hands cupping his heavy testicles, squeezing them. 

“Whore.  You like this, don’t you?  On your knees, my cock in your mouth … go on, suck me … I’m so close …”

She opened her throat and waited, her hand pumping at his shaft. 

“I’m going to shoot off all over you face,” he warned.  “Soaking that hair you’re always messing with …”

That was her only warning.  With a primal roar, he pulled from her mouth and splattered her face with his hot thick cum.  It spurted, running along her cheeks and chin, matting in her hair.  He slumped beside her on his knees.

“Fuck …” he muttered.

She didn’t reply, merely used her fingers to wipe his sticky mess off her face, then, catching his eye, she sucked them clean.  “Mmm, delicious,” she purred.

His blissed out haze faded and he kissed her, passionately, tasting himself on her duelling tongue.  They fell to the decking and he hoisted her over his body, over his mouth.

“My turn,” he whispered.

“Lick me.  Fuck me with your tongue.”

She moaned as he parted her outer lips and drank from her, pushing inside her core, letting the sweet tangy juices roll over his tongue.  He flicked at her and felt her tremble in return. 

“Oh yesss …” she urged, grinding her pelvis onto his face.

Slowly he lapped, moving maddeningly nearer her clit.  Once there he grasped it between his lips, whirling his tongue over and over, around and around.  Kathryn was bucking wildly.  Her thighs tightened, but he forced them open, devouring her hungrily.

“Chakotay … I’m …”

Her whole body stiffened and a warm gooey deluge ran over his chin.  Panting, she attempted to move.

“No you don’t, I haven’t finished with you yet.”

Her eyes widened.  “Chakotay … I can’t … no more … my legs …”

They wouldn’t take another round, she felt weak and plundered.  He let her go. 

“My God” That was incredible,” she gasped, sliding onto her back, eyes closed. 

Her eyes shot open. 

“What …?”

His dark head was between her parted legs, his nose burrowed in her pubic hair.  “I told you … not finished.”

“But … I … Oh Hell!”

Her back arched, hips undulating against his talented mouth.  Fingers and tongue worked in harmony, arousing her.  So slick, she was dripping onto the harsh metal flooring.  He laved at her, making grunting noises.

Her legs were over his shoulders, her hips lifted towards him.  He was relentless. 

“Please … I’ll pass out,” she implored, writhing under him.  “Oh God!” 

Chakotay’s fingers filled her. 

“No …!”

He pushed against her anus, sliding his little finger inside, ignoring her inner spasms. 

“Chakotay!” she wailed her orgasm blinding her, her arms flapping desperately.

He gripped her tighter, forcing her to ride it out.  When she’d finally stilled he looked up.  “Enjoy that?” he asked, smiling smugly, his face wet and glistening.

“Did I!” she gulped.

“You ever been fucked here?” his fingers were still inside her, and he wiggled the one in her anus.

“No,” she squirmed, trying to move her body away.

He made a noise and she met his gaze, instantly knowing what he was thinking.  “No,” she answered his unspoken question.

“You might like it.”


She was sore; he hadn’t been gentle in his ministrations.  His fingers were chaffing her now.  “Enough … hurting …”

He moved, but not before marking the top of her thigh.  She squealed.


“Just so you remember whose body this is,” he told her, settling by her side.  “And I haven’t finished playing with my new toy yet …”

She moaned her protest into his mouth as he kissed her roughly.  On and on the kiss went, his mouth wet and sticky, his tongue tasting of her sex.  Kathryn tried to pull away, but he ground his lips against hers, preventing her from moving.  He swallowed her squeak, as he tugged her tender nipples, lifting her breasts entirely. 

His body covered hers, wedging itself against her pelvis, his cock nudging painfully, failing in its attempts at penetration.  She tried to adjust the angle, but he held her down, prodding continuously.  His kisses and touch became harsher, and his hardness rubbed at her raw folds. 

Kathryn struggled.  He was really going to hurt her soon.  He broke the kiss. 

“Let me in,” he grunted, using his hand to guide his erection. 

She took a deep breath and tried to relax as he entered her.  Again, it was unpleasant.  She was tense, no longer aroused. 

“So tight,” he grunted approvingly.

It stung. 

He pounded into her, her back suffering on the unforgiving steel deck. 

“Kathryn …” he whispered, his lips covering her chin and jaw.

She was cold.

His position altered and she cried out, no longer in pain, as his size hit her g-spot.

“There,” she urged.

He repeated the move.  She clung to him, her legs raised, helplessly shaking in the air, her body surrendering. 

Without warning he rolled them, parting her legs wider, impaling her fully on his sheathed cock.  She bit her lip, riding him, feeling him pulsing inside.  Grabbing her knees he lifted them outwards, nothing supported her weight now except him. 

His hands guided her hips, helping her movements.  So open to his gaze, he could see himself fucking her, buried to the hilt, black curls mixing with auburn ones. 

“You’re so hot,” he hissed. 

No words would come to her and her head tossed backwards, showing the marks he’d left on her neck.  Loose strands of long red hair hung loose, tickling her spine.  She was close.

Chakotay cursed loudly.  Kathryn’s fingers were circling the spot they were joined.  He watched her with dark eyes. 

“Nearly there …” she gasped.

His shaft was getting the massage of its life.  Her inner muscles clenched him as she climaxed.  He gritted his teeth, trying to hold back.

Kathryn’s eyes were hazy, and the fast pace of her expert fingers ceased. 

Her head jerked up. “You’re …”

“Still hard,” he leered.

“Oh shit!” she muttered, desperately trying to grip him and bring forth his climax. 

He shut his eyes in concentration.  “Don’t fuck with me,” he warned, quickly hoisting her and entering her from behind, doggie style.

“You bastard!” she yelped.

His balls were slapping against the cheeks of her arse as he plunged in and out.  “Oh yesss!” he rasped.

Her bruised breasts were swinging beneath her, and her womb ached from his constant onslaught.  The steely Captain Janeway, naked on the floor, arse in the air, being well and truly fucked by her First Officer.  Taken over and over to satisfy his animalistic urges.  Used and humiliated.

“Fuck me …” it was out of her mouth before she knew it. 

He chuckled.  He’d broken her and they both knew it.  Only one more thing left.

“No!” she protested, as his fingers parted her buttocks and his cock nudged at her tight opening.

“Trust me.”

“Like HELL!”

His finger entered her, sliding in and out, stretching her, making her ready. 

“This is going to feel so good,” he whispered fervently.

“I don’t want to …”


‘Relax he says! He’s not the one going to be split in two!’ she thought. 

She thought he’d changed his mind when he moved, until his mouth covered her once more, lapping at her core.  He was working her up, nibbling, sucking, stroking. 

“Shit!” she cursed, gyrating her hips, pushing herself backwards onto his probing finger.

He waited, suckling contentedly. 

“Do it!” she barked.

Her small frame was trembling and he recognised her approaching climax.  Swiftly he removed his finger and positioned his hard shaft, nudging the head past her shuddering sphincter.  Inch by inch, till he was as far in as she could accommodate .

“Chakotay …” she moaned, liking the sensation of being totally filled far more than she  imagined.


He pulsed gently, small easy thrusts and it felt wonderful.  He looked at her.  She was wild, groaning, trying to impale herself.  The long hair was mussed, falling freely, no longer held with the pins. He grasped it, twisting it, jerking her head around. 

“Tell me this isn’t good,” he challenged.

Her eyes glazed, her lips  wet and parted, cheeks flushed.  “I … more …” she managed.

“Hot little bitch,” he taunted, pressing a little deeper and thrusting three fingers inside her slickness.

“Yesss!” she cried, rocking against him vigorously. 

He leant and bit her back, leaving more teeth marks in her pale skin, which still bore the grid-like impression of the floor.

Her mind was over loading.  She’d never experienced so many climaxes.  All her thoughts were focused around his hot, throbbing cock and plunging fingers.  She couldn’t stop it.  She screamed and bucked, breaking her nails as they clawed at the ground.  Out of control, she felt the warm gush of liquid spurt over his fingers and trickle down her legs. She couldn’t prevent the flow.  

“Oh shit …” she groaned, completely embarrassed.

Chakotay didn’t respond; he was too close to his own release.  He left her rear and pierced her clenching vagina for his final strokes, his rhythm jerky.

“Coming …” he growled.

He spurted his seed deep within and it was like a balm to her inflamed tissue.  He shuddered, clenching her hips with sticky fingers.  She waited, letting him fill her.

Chakotay softened and slipped out.  More mess ran down her thighs.  She badly needed a bath.  Kathryn sat up and watched as he tucked his flaccid cock back into the pants he still wore, realising that he had fucked her in his Maquis leather.  Reaching for her dress, Kathryn struggled to stand.  He had suceeded in his task.  She doubted whether she would be able to  sit in her commant chair. 

With a grimace she slipped on her panties, wishing she had a tissue to mop at her thighs.  Glancing around, she spotted her ruined bra and tried vainly to clean herself with it.  The skimpy lace barely served as a bra, as a washcloth it was hopeless.  She just hoped and prayed that she didn’t meet one of the Vulcan crewmen on her way back to her quarters. 

Chakotay watched.  “You’re a good fuck, Captain,” he said.

She gave him an angry death glare and tried to arrange her dress so that it covered her small, naked breasts.  He grinned, admiring the view.

“I think you’ve seen enough, Commander,” she snapped.

Without a mirror Kathryn had no idea how to fix her hair, instead she combed at it with her fingers, separating the tacky strands, still wet with Chakotay’s ejaculate.  The red mane fell over loosely over her shoulders. And she hoped wearing it this way would hide her ravaged neck. 

Kathryn walked to the holodeck door without looking back and left the simulation.  Outside, in Voyager’s corridor, she straightened her shoulders and tried to look more like a Starship Captain, and less like the filthy whore that had just spent the entire afternoon getting fucked senseless. 

“Computer, end programme,” she instructed.

“Hello Captain, did you enjoy your time on the holodeck?”  Chakotay smiled.

She regarded him.  Starfleet now, the rebellion having died in him long ago.  Pity.  He suited the  red and black uniform, but it was the leather that turned her insides  to mush.  He carried a collection of PADDS, no doubt checking them for her, doing his utmost to lighten her burden. She almost laughed.

“Yes … I had a rather … stimulating time, thank you Commander,” she replied, amazed that her cheeks didn’t flush.  “If you’ll excuse me, I want to take a quick shower before I return to the bridge.”

“Of course.  Care to join me for dinner later?”

She smiled sweetly, “Thank you, but I really should get an early night.  Another time.”

He hid his disappointment.  “Yes, well … I’ve got to go and see Crewmen Ellis and Shaw … another dispute over sharing quarters …”

“Good luck,” she wished him, and patted his shoulder before turning and heading for the nearest lift.

Inside the turbo lift she giggled, recalling how his jaw had dropped, as she touched him, accidentally revealing an expanse of naked breast. 

Poor Chakotay. 

He really had no idea that she spent her free time screwing with his ruthless demanding holo-image. 

The End!


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