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This web site is devoted to one of the finest and most interesting towns in the American West. Since 1906 Manhattan, NV has produced some $45 million in gold, but gold just isn't everything...

As America is now into the 21st century, this remarkable old mining town still holds its unique status as "always a good camp!" Located a bit south of the center point in the state, in Nye County, Manhattan has a very colorful and productive history. Today, Manhattan is home to several of the most gracious and fun-loving folks on the planet. One of these fine persons is Gifford Parlet... who inspired friends to talk about mining gold, eat steak from the nightly cookout, drink cold beverages, and watch episodes of the Mike Hammer TV series via satellite dish. Join us as we roam around the town, listening to music, and having some fun!

<----Looking east through the town, with the White Caps Mine in the left background.

Manhattan was a boom-town twice ; first in the 1860's and then, again, from 1906 through around 1948.
It is still one of the best old mining towns to visit in Nevada, with plenty of action going on, especially at the two bars after the sun goes down.

The old elementary school is now open as the Manhattan Public Library.------->

<----Nevada's Wonderful Gold Town - - From early 1906, to present. This is a scene on entering the town, Main Street.

The Country Store --->

The old Fire Hall and another old building is shown here looking south on Main Street, Manhattan, NV.
Travel north on Highway 376, up Big Smoky Valley, from Tonopah, until you see the signs directing you to Manhattan. Turn right, leaving the valley to enter the town at 7000 feet elevation.

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