Arnis Head Armor
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Martial Art Products:

Set Of Kimono Uniform:
1) Cloth Material- White Maong
    Small------------------------------------ P750.00     
    Large & Extra Large-------------------P950.00

2) Cloth Material- Special Canvas
    Large & Extra Large-------------------P2,000.00

3) Cloth Material- Ordinary Oxford
     Small-------------------------------------P 350.00
     Medium----------------------------------P 360.00
     Large------------------------------------ P 375.00
     Extra Large----------------------------- P 400.00

4) Hakama- Small--------------------------P 800.00
                   Medium-----------------------P 850.00
                   Large--------------------------P 900.00 
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Martisl arts Belt
boxing gloves
head gear
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Arnis rattan, kamagong w/ case
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Other Products:
1) Kicking Shield Pad
2) Shin Guard for Taekwondo
3) Focus Mat
4) Kicking Pad / Shield
5) Punching Bag
6) Head Gear for Arnis
7) Body Armor for Arnis
8) Arnis Rattan, Kamagong w/ case
9) Gloves for Boxing
10) Focus Gloves
11) Karate Belt (with embroider character)
12) Karateball, Matts
13) Speedball
We Accept Made To Order Product!
speed ball
punching bag
Arnis Head Armor
Arnis Body Armor
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