Sensei "Ben" Benjamin Galarpe a Fil-Am US Army, Who was based in Okinawa, Japan, studied Aikido under O sensei Morihei Ueshiba, the originator of Aikido. He introduced Aikido in Manila in 1963 with  the name Manila Aikido Club and was duly recognized by the World Hombu Aikido Headquarters in  Tokyo Japan in 1964, thus becoming the first Aikido club in the Philippines, Sensei Galarpe is then considered, the Father of Aikido in the Philippines.
In 1966 Omar Boy Camar was introduced to Sensei Benjamin Galarpe and Mr. Camar opted to undertake the training of Aikido, where he was promoted to blackbelt after a long years of training. He  was eventually tapped as an Aikido instructor by Mr. Galarpe and to conduct Aikido training seminars at the Guam Police Science Academy, Guam USA. After his assignment as an aikido instructor in Guam, he went back to the philippines.

Upon his arrival, he was offered a teaching position as a matial arts instructor of former Presidential Security Unit in Malacanang Palace, where he was able to give pointers in Aikido to Ferdinand Bongbong Marcos jr. In 1981 he was assigned as chief instructor of the Presidential Security Unit during the Marcos Administration

In 1978,
Sensei Omar N. Camar succeeded Sensei Galarpe and was designated President and Chief instructor of Manila Aikido Club with certificate of recognition from Aikido World Headquarters in Tokyo Japan which eventually becomes the now present Philippine Aikikai Headquarters (both names of the club are registered at the  Securities and Exchange Commission). As a number one proponent of Aikido, he conducted series of seminars and demonstrations in key cities and provinces throughout the Philippines, thus propagating the art in general. Being a master of the martial arts with  imposing stature, he gained respect and publick trust. Mr. Omar Camar runs for publick office and won  as an independent Councilor of Zone 308, 3rd district of Quiapo in the 1980's.

During all this time between 1968 to 1990's Mr. Camar was a movie actor. His big break as a movie actor came in 1970 when he was chosen to play opposite to the character of Mr. Roberto Gonzales, considered as the movie karate king at that time. This was then followed by a series of movies to play character roles to several top notch action star, the likes of Fernando Poe Jr., Eddie Garcia, Dante Rivero, tony Ferrer and international actors like Chuck Norris ( Missing in Action ), Shoji Karada ( Golden Triangle ) Carter Wang of Hong Kong, and James Eagleheart, football super star of the United States. He was an accomplished movie actor in his own right, local and international. As a movie star, he became a member of Raja Soliman award in late 70's and a nomine for Best Supporting Actor in
Tanikalang Dugo as a testimony of his excellent abilities and dedication of his craft in the silver screen.

Sensei Omar N. Camar is Shihan Blackbelt. He is a former representative to the Aikikai Foundation in Sekai Aikido Humbo, World Headquarters, Tokyo, Japan, Shihan Camar is an accomplished martial artist. He is recognized worlwide. He had attended and participated in several martial arts conferences and demonstration in the United States of America. He is a martial arts consultant at the prestigious Martial Arts Training Center of West Germany.

He is the founder and chief instructor of the PNP Aikido Club in Camp Crame, Quezon City. In 1999, he was tapped by the Philippines Public Safety College (PPSC) to give training instructions to future police officers at the Philippine National Police Academy (PNPA), Camp Mariano Castaneda, Silang Cavite under the banner of Manila Aikido Club. Shihan Omar Boy Camar the number one proponent of Aikido in leading government agencies in the military and national police. Sensei Camar labored hard to have Aikido as an official subject at the Philippine National Police Academy. This school year 2002-2003 it was recognized as an official subject and the only martial art being practice at the academy. This momentous event lived up to the undying dedication of Shihan Omar Camar to the art of Aikido. He then founded PNPA Aikido Club.

He being the head of Manila Aikido Club was also tapped by the PPSC to serve as a martial arts instructor of the Police National Training Institute (PNTI) Camp Vicente Lim. Canlubang, Laguna. He is distinguished for being the first Filipino to receive a certificate of merit in the field of martial arts by the lower court of Los Angeles, California, USA signed and given by the Presiding Judge Mildred Ricana. He is also a multiple awardee instructor in the field of martial arts (Aikido).

Morihei Ueshiba, O' Sensei, born in Western Japan on December 14, 1883, was the founder of world's most popular form of self defense, Aikido. After mastering classical styles of jujutsu, kendo and judo, he created Aikido based on the spiritual teaching of the Omoto - Ryu religion.
Manila Aikido Club History
Since 1963
Chief Instructor; Shihan Omar N. Camar
Taken 1960s
Sensei Omar N. Camar
Sensei Benjamin Galarpe
Picture Taken 1960s'
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