What is Aikido?

Aikido is the most sophisticated and popular Japanese form of self defense created by O' Sensei Morihei Ueshiba in 1936. It is a modified form of techniques taken from leading Japanese martial arts. Before the introduction to the public, AIKIDO was only practiced by the Elite and Samurai class in early Japan. But due to its effectiveness and popularity, it was formally introduced to the public in 1946.

Aikido which literally means AI-love and Harmony, KI-spirit, DO- way of life, is a complete unification of mind, body and spirit and in harmony with the natural law of the universe. Aikido is not a technique to fight with or defeat the enemy. It is the way to reconcile the world and make human being one family. In Aikido, if there's no offense, there's no defense, and hence it is not an offensive form of martial arts. It has a high regards to individual being that unless an Aikido practitioner is being attacked, he then can counter and apply the techniques of Aikido. The art of Aikido consists of bone breaking techniques, immobilization, leading and throwing techniques. Strength in Aikido is not essential since it utilizes primarily the strength and momentum of an aggressor to be used against him.

The objective of Aikido is to contribute to making of a better scociety through the training of body & mind or spirit.
In the martial arts, It is said that the SEVEN PLEATS OF HAKAMA represent the seven virtues of Bushido which are the followings:
  1) Gi- The right decission.
  2) Yu- Bravery.
  3) Jin- Universal love, benevolence toward mankind and compassion.
  4) Rei- Right action and courtesy.
  5) Makoto- Sincerity and truthfulness.
  6) Meiyo- Honor.
  7) Chugi- Devotion and loyalty.

Who Can Practice Aikido?

1. One must be physically and mentally  fit.
2. Men, women and children.
3. Has good moral character.
4. Need not to be strong.

Benefits Gained In The Study Of Aikido

1. It develops your KI- inner strength.
2. It develops self confidence, self control and self reliance.
3. It develops discipline and good moral character.
4. It develops a healthy body and improves natural reflexes.
5. It improves personality, environment awareness.
6. It develops mind and body coordination.
7. It develops true friendship among aikidoka members.
8. Serves as self defense, protection for yourself and your love ones.
9. Serves as preventive medicine which opposes body sicknesss.
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