Clinics Directory, Metro Manila, Philippines

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A list of Clinics in Metro Manila, Philippines
Created by Doolittle School,
Affiliated with Doolittle Philanthropy.
PO Box 257, Q Plaza Post Office
Cainta 1900, Rizal, Philippines.
Text Phone: (+63) 919-308-2934
Landline: (+63 2) 476-3504

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Dental Clinic
Bobila Dental Clinic
Cartojano-Manahan Dental Clinic
Cruz-Audea Dental Clinic
Dental Care Clinic
Dentista Pineda Dental Clinic
Habil Dental Clinic
Halili Dental Clinic
Lagamon Dental Clinic
Lukang-Pasco Dental Clinic
Panaligan Dental Clinic
Pasco Dental Clinic
Perez-Astrologo Dental Clinic
Ponti Dental Clinic
Quinto Dental Clinic
Reyes-Ponti Dental Clinic
Tan-Villasanta Optical-Dental Clinic
Taylor-Rivera Dental Clinic
Maternity Clinic
Banaba Poly Clinic
De Vera Maternity Clinic
De Villa Maternity Clinic
Flores-Medina Maternity Clinic
Quion Materinity Clinic

Medical Clinic
Clinica De Vera
Sinchongco Medical Clinic

Optical Clinic
IRA Optical
Maravilla_Ramos Optical
Pasco Optical Clinic
Tan-Villasanta Optical-Dental Clinic
Pediatric Clinic
Immaculate Concepcion Multispecialty Clinic
Espejo Pediatric Clinic
Sembrano Pediatric Clinic
Trinos Pediatric Clinic

Skin Clinic
De Vera Skin Clinic

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Please click on link listed above to see their web site and learn more about their business.
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