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To specify the full E.164 telephone number to be used to identify the dial peer of an incoming call, use the answer-address dial-peer configuration command. Use the no form of this command to disable the configured telephone number.

answer-address [+ ] string [t ]

no answer-address

Syntax Description


(Optional) Character indicating an E.164 standard number.


Series of digits that specify the E.164 or private dialing plan telephone number. Valid entries are:

  • Digits 0 through 9, letters A through D, pound sign (#), and asterisk (*), which represent specific digits that can be entered.
  • Comma (,), which inserts a pause between digits.
  • Period (.), which matches any entered digit.

(Optional) Control character indicating that the answer-address value is a variable length dial-string.


The default value is enabled with a null string.

Command Modes

Dial-peer configuration

Command History


This command was introduced.

Usage Guidelines

This command is applicable to both Cisco 3600 series VoIP and POTS dial peers.

Use the answer-address command to identify the origin (or dial peer) of incoming calls from the IP network. Cisco IOS software identifies the dial peers of a call in one of two ways: either by identifying the interface through which the call is received or through the telephone number configured with the answer-address command. In the absence of a configured telephone number, the peer associated with the interface will be associated with the incoming call.

For calls coming in from a POTS interface, the answer-address command is not used to select an incoming dial peer. The incoming POTS dial peer is selected on the basis of the port configured for that dial peer.

There are certain areas in the world (for example, in certain European countries) where valid telephone numbers can vary in length. Use the optional control charactert to indicate that a particular answer-address value is a variable-length dial-string. In this case, the system will not match the dialed numbers until the interdigit timeout value has expired.

The Cisco IOS software does not check the validity of the E.164 telephone number; it accepts any series of digits as a valid number.


The following example configures the E.164 telephone number, "555-9626" as the dial peer of an incoming call:

dial-peer voice 10 pots
 answer-address +5559626

Related Commands

destination-pattern Specifies either the prefix or the full E.164 telephone number (depending on your dial plan) to be used for a dial peer.
port Enables an interface on a PA-4R-DTR port adapter to operate as a concentrator port.
prefix Specifies the prefix of the dialed digits for this dial peer.
timeouts interdigit Configures the interdigit timeout value for a specified voice port.

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