Mei Hua Tang Lang

Dalton Davis

Praying Mantis Shifu

The information presented in this chart was collected from different sources -see Bibliography-, therefore the romanizations in Pinyin according to the Mandarin pronunciation of the characters sometimes is not available. If you find any mistakes or inaccuracies please contact me.

Student of shifu Park Chil Sung.
Shifu Dalton Davis started his gong fu training under shifu Mike Staples (Hop Gar/Lama Pai). Later shifu Dalton Davis moved to Korea in the '70s (while in the US Army). In Korea he trained under shifu Park Chil Sung for about 5 years and he was graduated as instructor.
In 1995 shifu David Dalton began working out with shifu Li Da Chong in San Francisco (at the Golden Gate Park) during his work travels to and from Asia. In 1999 he changed jobs and became a regular student of shifu Li Da Chong's group.
Shifu David Dalton just trains his Mei Hua Tang Lang Quan but he does not teach.

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