Gao Dao Sheng

Praying Mantis Shifu

The information presented in this chart was collected from different sources -see Bibliography-, therefore the romanizations in Pinyin according to the Mandarin pronunciation of the characters sometimes is not available. If you find any mistakes or inaccuracies please contact me.

His name is also romanized as:
Kao Tao Sheng / Kao Tao Shang.
He was nicknamed as:
"Li Ben" ().
Born in 1915, son of a humble blacksmith. At age 13 shifu Gao Dao Sheng studied Di Gong Men (Earth Rolling Style) under shifu Fan Zhong Ching for three years. Then, he then studied the Praying Mantis style at the "Qingdao Guoshu Academy", Northern Shaolin Fist at the "Jinan Guoshu Academy", and Wu Tang under the Taoist priest Fa Zhou.
Later he went to Fushan (Shan Dong Province), and for over eight years, he became the disciple of the famous shifu Wang Song Ting who specialized in Shaolin Long Fist and Praying Mantis.
Sometimes has been mentioned incorrectly that shifu Gao Dao Sheng trained Chang Quan under shifu Han Qing Tang. On the other hand, shifu Han Qing Tang's disciples trained under shifu Wang Song Ting in Taipei, namely shifu Shen Mao Hui, shifu Jiang Chang Gen, and shifu Tang Ke Jie. The latter is still a good friend of shifu Gao Dao Sheng.
In 1937 shifu Gao Dao Sheng started to teach martial arts in Qingdao and has taught countless students since.
Also in 1937, shifu Gao Dao Sheng joined the Nationalist army to fight the Japanese. Then, with the retreat of the Nationalist government from the mainland, he moved to Taiwan in 1950.
Since retiring from the army in 1961, shifu Gao Dao Sheng founded the "Hsin Sheng Kuoshu Academy" in Taipei, and has been devoting his time to teaching and training. In 1977 shifu Gao Dao Sheng established the Changquan Tanglang Association in Taiwan. Shifu Gao Dao Sheng is well-known both nationally and internationally. Several feature stories of him have been published in American, French, and Japanese martial arts magazines.
Shifu Gao Dao Sheng is a prolific teacher of Tang Lang Quan and other forms of wushu, with most students scattered here and there in all corners of the globe. There are some people who are frustrated about the difficulty in distinguishing seniority in shifu Gao Dao Sheng's school; there are students who train with him for a long time and also those for a very short period. Whichever way you put it, they are all considered students of shifu Gao Dao Sheng. Furthermore, it is easy to judge who the skilled disciples and proficient students are if one has been with shifu Gao Dao Sheng long enough.
The students of shifu Gao Dao Sheng wrote a book that has photos of him, his master Wang Song Ting and his gong fu brothers (Shifu Ma and Shifu Lin). There is also a video tape available in Taiwan by shifu Gao Dao Sheng (Tang Lang Shou - Praying Mantis Hand).
Shifu Gao Dao Sheng still teaches in Taiwan.

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