Ng Tai Man

Praying Mantis Shifu

The information presented in this chart was collected from different sources -see Bibliography-, therefore the romanizations in Pinyin according to the Mandarin pronunciation of the characters sometimes is not available. If you find any mistakes or inaccuracies please contact me.

His name is also romanized as:
Ng Dai Man / Tom Ng.
Shifu Ng Tai Man was interested in the martial arts from an early age and learned various fighting styles in his hometown.
When shifu Zhao Zhu Xi arrived in Hong Kong, sifu Ng Tai Man became one of his top students, eventually living with shifu Zhao Zhu Xi for three years, training intensively day and night. Shifu Ng Tai Man's primary focus was on fighting techniques and qigong and he is one of the very few who graduated qigong studies and is qualified to teach it. Sifu Ng Tai Man became shifu Zhao Zhu Xi's sixth Graduate Disciple in 1972.
Sifu Ng Tai Man moved to Canada in 1972 to teach as Head instructor at the Canadian Jing Wu Martial Arts Association, and he has not stopped teaching since that time. In 1998, he established the "Shang De Tai-Chi Mantis Kung Fu Association" to teach the Tai Ji Tang Lang Quan and to pass on his knowledge. Shang De, which means "the highest virtues", is a non-profit organization and teaches openly to all who want to learn Kung Fu. It is located in Edmonton, Alberta (Canada).

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