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After his death Bruce Lee is still credited with making around a dozen movies. Unused footage, interviews and footage from previous movies were used in new movies and kung fu-mentries. Even worse, actors like Bruce Li and Bruce Le changed their names to sound like Lee's. This page is dedicated to the movies and actors who cashed in (or at least tried to) on Bruce Lee's good name following his death. Most of these movies have bad martial arts and even worse acting. These movies are watched just for the pure cheesiness of them. I've heard imitation is the highest form of flattery...uhh I had a witty line here, but forgot what it was. I guess there doesn't really need one. Wait, that was it!

Just click on an "actor" below to get some info and a selected filmography. I will be adding information on various movies as I watch them. Watching these movies can be quite difficult, so I can only take small doses of them.

I would appreciate any feedback on the site whether it be bad or good. Also if I messed up on the information or whatever. If anybody would like to send in reviews or someting of the sort, that would great. Thanks and enjoy.

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The Culprits

The bulk of Bruceploitation can mainly be attributed to two guys, Bruce Li and Bruce Le. Now they also had a little help from Dragon Lee. Others like Bruce Liang, Corey Yuen Kwai, Sammo Hung, and Jackie Chan all kicked in their fair share. Here is a alphabetical listing of all movie reviews or look by category below.


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