Enter the Invincible Hero

Year: 1981
Starring: Dragon Lee (Bruce Lei), Casanova Wong
Directed by: Godfrey Ho(Kim Si-Hyeon)

Dragon Lee stars as Ti Meng, a young man who offers his services to a high stakes protection outfit. When a caravan he is guarding gets robbed, he is ordered to compensate for the loss of money. Everyone points him to Master Pang, the town's wealthiest entrepreneur, in order to receive a loan to pay his debts. But, in a small twist of fate, Master Pang (Casanova Wong) turns out to be a fellow kung fu student who Ti Meng helped during their strict lessons. Unfortunately, Pang also turns out to be the mastermind behind the current spate of robberies. Hey, you had to see that coming! As Wu Tang member Rza explains in the intro, it is nothing but a bunch of "scandalous crab type shit" from here on out!

An entertaining entry in Dragon Lee's filmography, this one benefits greatly from the villainous turn by Casanova Wong. Wong, who sports a fake hand, is an amazing martial artist and hits some moves that are just jaw dropping. Watch for the flashback where he recounts how he tried to find his father's killer. In this one scene, he hits 5 high spinning kicks in a row! Fantastic stuff. The final showdown between Wong and Lee is exceptional. Not to be out done, the rest of the cast is also quite extraordinary. Dragon Lee has an incredible showdown in a restaurant with an incredibly flexible young fighter (anyone know his name?) and they bust out a series of moves involving chopsticks that rivals anything Jackie Chan has done. Also, Lee's fight with a resident bald guy baddie (a Karl Maka look-a-like) is pretty brutal, resulting in one of the more visceral disturbing kills via belly button. Oddly, the film opens with a clip of Lee fighting this same guy, but it is from another film with a contemporary 70s setting. Filled with everything from hunchbacks to glowing medallions, ENTER THE INVINCIBLE HERO is worth checking out.

Reviewed by William.

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