About the Author.

Mr. Ken Mazur:

Marching, teaching and judging history.

Brass-A-Tears Jr.   Centerline, Mi.     1962 1963 1964 1965 (Maczuga)
Vanguard Sr.        St. Clair Shores, Mi.    1966 1967 1968  (Tuomey)
Diplomats Jr.       Roseville, Mi.      1968 1969 1970 (Leis, Tuomey, Malcolm)
Vanguard Jr.        St. Clair Shores, Mi     1971 1972 1973 (Tuomey)
Glassmen Jr.        Toledo,Oh      1974  (folded Aug 1) (Petty)
Saginaires Jr.      Saginaw, Mi.        1974  
Glassmen       Toledo, Oh.         1975  (Petty)
Phantom Regiment Jr.Rockford, IL.       1976  (Hurley)
Royal Lancers Sr.   Wyandotte, Mi. 1988 1989

Drum Set :  1962 - 1997  (Genoa, Wallace)  Performed with numerous music ensembles mainly
jazz, big band, fusion and rock.  Most recently with "Atlantis"  (Top 40) and "Headin South"
(Country and Western).

Inventor and perfector of the Multiple Pitched Quad Bass Drum Set 1972-1997; an experiment
testing the musical limits of the human mind and body with coordination and rudimental
drumming. Perfected many advanced Olympic style training techniques for speed, coordination,
endurance and execution thought processes.

1968-1976 Winner of 35 local, regional and state snare drum and drum set contests.
1972      2nd place  American Guild of Music National Drum Set Championship 
          Indianapolis, Indiana
1973      4th place  All-American National Snare Drum Championship  Sarnia Ontario,
1974      3rd place  DCI World Snare Drum Championship  Ithaca, New York
1975      3rd place  DCI World Snare Drum Championship  Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
1976      lst place  DCI World Champion   Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

1975 1976 Leamington Townsmen, Windsor Guardsmen  Ontario Canada Caption Head 
1977      Windsor Guardsmen  Caption Head   Arranger/Instructor
1978 1979 Phantom Regiment   Execution Instructor
1982      Golden Garrison, Ypsilanti Mi.  Caption Head Arranger/Instructor Most Improved
          Drum Corp, Great Lakes Drum Corp Association DCI Class A Finalists
1984      Phantom Regiment  Execution Instructor  (1st tour only)
1991 1992 Southgate High School   Caption Head  Arranger/Instructor Undefeated MCBDA
          Percussion Champions
1993-1997 Consulting, clinics and RAMD trouble maker.

1976-1997 Drum Corp and Marching Band. Experienced in all percussion adjudication areas
          including the tick sheet. Indoor percussion and individual contests. Known as a
          tough judge to please.
1987-1992 Percussion Caption Head, Great Lakes Judging Association  Responsible for sheet
          interpretation, judges tolerances, training of new prospectives, rewriting of
          percussion score sheets to reflect a more performance oriented approach to
          judging high school students. 
1989      President - Great Lakes Judges Association  Liason to band directors and judging
          circuit. Oversee caption heads and judging concerns. Serve as scratching post for
          nervous band directors. Handle complaints and watch over contractual situations.

The Technique and Mechanics of Competitive Rudimental Snare Drumming. 380pgs  1978
The Basic Technique of Rudimental Drumming  105pgs.  1980

President - Silverdot Illustration. 1984 to present. Provide commercial and residential
delineation services to architectural, interior design, and engineering firms.  Design and
illustrate presentations for developers, municipalities and advertising agencies.  Specialize in
casein tempera - an egg-based fast drying media - marker, water color, pencil broadside, oils and
ink renderings.  Excellent freehand sketching and perspective layout. Construction documents
and design available on request.

Harold Weeks - Freehand sketching and composition. ( U of Detroit)
Morris Jackson - Architectural perspective and delineation. Rapid brush techniques.
Artist for Smith, Hintchmen and Grylls for 25 years, Detroit, Mi.
Howard Etter - Design and delineation. Marker technique. Human figure sketching.  (Arch.
Richard Rush - Basic design and proportion. (Architect)
Dale Ferriby - Basic design and proportion (Architect)
Harvey Ferraro - Architectural delineation and quick freehand sketching. (Architect)
Shirley Hathaway - Oil painting, water colors and composition. Scarab Club, Detroit
Dan Keller - Oil painting and composition. Scarab Club, Detroit.
Lewis King - Watercolorist. Technique and execution. Armada, Mi.

Lawrence Technological University - Bachelor of Architecture 

Since so many corps run around the field these days and claim demand, here is
my competitive running resume with best finishes :

Marathons:     1996 Los Angeles  (4204 / 16239) , 1994 1995 1996 Detroit, 1994 Columbus,
               1996 1997 Walt Disney, 1996 Pittsburg
Half Marathons:1996 Las Vegas  (978 / 2400)
10 milers:     The Crim, Flint Mi. (1896 / 5112), 1995 The Race From Hell, Hell, Mi. 1995
               1996 Michigan Big 10 Run, Ann Arbor Mi.1997 First of America Classic, St.
               Petersburg, Fl.
10K and 5 milers:Cooper River Bridge Run, Charleston SC. (2482 / 12207) 1993 1994 1995
1996 Oak Apple Run, Royal Oak, Mi. (403/1334) 1993 1994 1995 1996 Allen Park Street Fair,
Mi. (227 / 631)
Medalist: 1994 1995 1996 Michigan Firecracker Mile - Open Division  Clawson, Mi.

    Source: geocities.com/marchingresearch