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At the earliest stage of the source gathering, I came across this site- the only site that existed before mine, dedicated to Carol Haney. The excellent Larry Blyden tribute site. As you might have read, Carol was married to Larry Blyden between 1955 and 1962. The site provided me with some rare images and information of Carol's personal life, which are very, very hard to come by. Thanks linda!
Donald O'Connor Interview NPR, WEEKEND SUNDAY (NPR 12:00 am ET), MAY 25, 1997, SUNDAY, Transcript # 97052516-215, Entertainment, Donald O'Connor, Liane Hansen, Washington, DC
The Fordin: I found this a great book that is apparently based on letters and personal documents of Arthur Freed, which Gene Kelly claimed had false info every other page. Fordin, H. (1984) The movies' greatest musicals, produced in Hollywood USA by the Freed unit. New York: F. Ungar Pub. Co.
The Magic Factory: a scarily rare and comprehensive book on the making of "An American in Paris", a compilation of interviews with the creative people like Gene Kelly, Leslie Caron, Saul Chaplin, Vincente Minnelli, and also includes interviews with technical staff who slog it out behind the scenes but we don't hear about. Knox, D. (1973) The Magic Factory: how MGM made An American in Paris. New York : Praeger.
Dancin' on the ceiling: This is a Stanley Donen biography, and it is well noted by Gene Kelly fans that it doesn't treat the fragile relationship between the former buddies too well. The book provides a great deal of information on Donen's work, is candid, and overall a good read. Silverman, S. (1996) Dancing on the ceiling : Stanley Donen and his movies. New York : Knopf : Distributed by Random House.
Stanley Donen: A comprehensive read on the films of Stanley Donen, with vivid descriptions of the filmmaking process. Casper, JA. (1983) Stanley Donen. Metuchen, N.J. : Scarecrow Press
Gottfried (ed: you gotta love that name!): Some say the book is a bit lacking on photos, but the emphasis here is Bob Fosse's life story. The book's 400 pgs + and is one of the two best Fosse biographies around. Gottfried, M. (1998) All his jazz : the life & death of Bob Fosse. New York : Da Capo Press.
It's a Hit!: Conveniently provided me with a few descriptions of Carol's shows, as well as a gem- a close photo of Carol and Eddie Foy Jr. in their humourous cavort "the jealousy ballet" from the stage, which was dropped from the film version of the Pajama Game. A good read with numerous descriptions of other great Broadway shows, musical and non-musical. Sheward, D. (1994) Itís a Hit! The Back Stage Book of Longest Running Broadway Shows. USA: Watson-Guptill Publications.
Minnelli's autobiography, a reflection on his career and life up to 1975. i've yet to read through this but i suspect there's a comprehensive reference to his time with Judy Garland. Minnelli, V. (1975) I remember it well. UK: Angus & Robertson (U.K.) Ltd.
Broadway: This book seems like a good resource for those who are studying musical theatre at college level. It's got good info all the greats: Robbin, Fosse, De Mille, Gower Champion etc... Long, RE. (2001) Broadway, The Golden Years: Jerome Robbins and the Great Choreographer- Directors. New York: Continuum.
MacLaine's extremely candid, humorous and interesting memoir to her long career. Go borrow! MacLaine, S. (1995) My Lucky Stars: A Hollywood Memoir. New York: Bantam Books.
Grubb: If you are looking for pictures of Fosse's work, borrow this from your library. The good thing about this book is that while the book has a healthy population of pictures, it does not lack good text. Grubb, KB. (1989) Razzle Dazzle: The Life and Work of Bob Fosse. New York: St. Martinís Press.
Opening night: A great resource- a compilation of snippets from theatre reviews during the golden age of Broadway. Susken, S. (1990) Opening night on Broadway : a critical quotebook of the golden era of the musical theatre, Oklahoma! (1943) to Fiddler on the roof (1964). New York : Schirmer Books
film choreographers: very comprehensive resource that is organised in two sections- the first is a history of choroegraphy on film up to the nineties, and the second is an encyclopaedic resource on the individual choreographers. Billman, L. (1997) Film choreographers and dance directors : an illustrated biographical encyclopedia, with a history and filmographies, 1893 through 1995. Jefferson: McFarland & Co.
Broadway musicals: A resource with huge photos of Broadway shows! Most likely to be found at a library as it is quite an old book. Gottfried, M. (1984) Broadway musicals. New York : Abradale Press : H.N. Abrams.
On Broadway: An image oriented book with great snaps of Broadway performers in action. Fehl, F., Stott, J., Stott, W. (1978) On Broadway- performance photos. Austin : University of Texas Press.
Gotta Sing, Gotta Dance: full of pictures, this book is a vivid description of movie musicals. Kobal, J. (1983) Gotta sing gotta dance: a history of movie musicals. London : Hamlyn.
That's Dancing!: I think this is the book supplement to the 1984 film which was produced by Gene Kelly, with sections dedicated to the great dancers of the screen- Miller, Charrise, Kelly, Nelson, Powell etc. Thomas, T. (1984) That's Dancing!. New York: Abrams.
Broadway's Greatest Musicals: Great resource, with vivid and detailed descriptions of the best musicals to set foot on Broadway. Laufe, A. (1978) Broadway's Greatest Musicals. Newton Abbot: David and Charles.
Gene Kelly, A celebration: This is the picture book and the easily found alternative to the Hirshhorn biography. Leon, R., Morley, S. (1996) Gene Kelly: A Celebration. Great Britain: Pavilion Books Limited.
Broadway musicals: A very good series of videos containing interviews with the stars of yesterday's Broadway musicals. The segment on "The Pajama Game" (found in Tape 3) contained interviews with John Raitt, Harold Prince, and I think Peter Gennaro. Broadway! A Musical History (1989) California : Chesney Communications, [video:VHS]
Carol Haney, by Lisa Jo Sagolla (sorry, Ms Sagolla, if you come by, for taking two years to get this entry onto the website!) American National Biography, Oxford University Press, 1999

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