4.   Revamping the Democratic Party to be the Party of Family and Moral
      and Value

     a)  As the Democratic Party strives to break down the Republican Party
         They are slowly trying to build a new image of themselves. Without
         A thought about the laws they try to instill upon all the people that are
         In direct conflict with moral and family values; such “Same Sex
         Marriage, Abortion, and the invocation of Separation of Church and  
         State, and agreeing with the removal of 10 commandments and prayer at                   
         various events and places from this nation.

    b)  The Republican Party’s Platform lines itself with Morals and Family
         Values.  Many believe that the refusal to agree with same sex marriage
         means you hate homosexuals.  Contrary, to this belief, because we
         all either know or have a homosexual in our families, our reaction is
         that no legislation should define that same sex marriages are what God
         meant marriage to be.

The Democrat Party  Strategy