2.   Re-define the image of our Republican President

  a)  The office of the President is the highest in this nation.  The President represents the
       Party that help elect him.  Other nations ideas about this nation is based on what
       We feel, think, and say about our President.  After September 11 2001, this nation
       Is under close scrutiny by other nations wishing to topple it or run it through the
       United Nations/Nato (Treaty Organizations)

  b) As we watch the media disrespect our President by calling him “Mr. Bush” and give 
      To Bill Clinton by calling him “President Clinton”, there is nothing to think about.
      Defining an act of terrorism against this nation as a act that doesn’t call for action
      is a statement of surrender and acceptance?

  c) To give high regard for demeaning statements about out President of citizens from other
      nations demeans our President and the safety of all Americans is before our eyes.

  d) To make the President responsible for the actions of an local or state governmental
      official during a hurricane and makes a racial incidence out of it is the kind of strategy that
      the Democrats hope will safeguard the African American

The Democrat Party  Strategy