Joy Ride

April 22, 2002

Joy Ride


Directed by John Dahl
Starring: Paul Walker as Lewis, Steve Zahn as Fuller, and Leelee (yumyum) Sobieski as Venison

J-Rock's Review:

Joy Ride is a pretty predictable entry into the cheesy teeny-suspense movies (i.e.: Jeepers Creepers, I Know What Your Mom Did at Bridge Club Last Weekend, etc.). The box and the cinematography even look exactly the same as every other one of them.

The most enjoyable and watchable part of this movie is Leelee Sobieski. She is unbelievably hot, but in a girl-next-door kind of way, which actually makes her even hotter. Plus you can also see her nips in almost every scene she's in. If you see The Glass House, also starring Leelee, you'll get more shots of her yummy cleavage, along with her prominent nipples.

So damn hot-bieskee

But for those of you who are actually interested in Joy Ride for other reasons, here's a brief recap. Lewis buys a car to drive across the country to pick up Venison at her college because he wants to get in her pants. Along the way Lewis picks up his fuck-up brother Fuller in jail in Salt Lake City. Fuller has a CB installed in Lewis' car, and promptly gets a trucker to believe that Lewis is a chick who wants to meet up. They arrange for the trucker to go to the motel room next to theirs, where a racist asshole is staying. The trucker shows up all hot and everything, but when he finds out it's a dude, the trucker rips the guy's jaw off and leaves him an inch from death.

Hilarity ensues as our trucker friend, who goes by the CB handle "Rusty Nail", stalks Lewis and Fuller across state lines, kidnaps Venison's friend Charlotte, kidnaps Venison, and then does some other mean stuff.

It's a pretty predictable textbook pseudo-thriller, with a lot of retarded jumps in logic (how does the trucker find out both brothers' names, or even that they are brothers at all?). So the main reason to check this out is to check out Leelee's hooters.

She's wet...huh huh huh...

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