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I currently have over 12 years experience  of riding and mechannical dealings with bikes. I have a past that has seen me the owner of just over 45 bikes.I currently have several bikes of many various makes and models. All of these bikes are now up forsale, I plan on buying a house (you can't have all these toys and no home for them),but be assured I will still have a bike.This list currently includes the following bikes, you can also click on each to see a picture of these bikes.(under construction)
NEW Page - Ride For Sight 2000 !!! (June 23-25/00)
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Playing around - some basic pics of us doing small tricks
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Lets Burn Off Those Old Tires!  A How - To guide on What to do with Old Tires Your About To Replace.
1994 Suzuki GSX-R 750  - Just purchased - Click to see the pix
What Machines you'll see on Thursday nights!
1995 Kawasaki ZX900R (ZX9R) - This is my favorite ride for now.This bike is also for sale SOLD
Dirt Bike Action - Click Below
CR500 battles the Peat Bog!!!
1987 Kawasaki ZX1000R (ZX10R) - This bike is currently for sale, please inquire via the below e-mail address.Sold
Here are a few Pics of a very infamous XT600 doing some wheelies!
1987 Honda CBX250
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1983 Honda CBX550F - This is a rare bike in these parts,I also have a parts bike with this machine SOLD
My First look at a ZRX1100 - ELR
Ever see a all-chrome ZX1100, its the only one on earth - a must site to visit!
1982 Honda XL250S - Old Faithful
3 - 1987's Suzuki DR100 - Winter Project bikes
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1978 - Yamaha Maxium XS400 - For Sale - Make offer SOLD
NEW Page  - Ride For Sight 2000 !!! (June 23-25/00)
Here is a list containing a few of the many many machines I have owned.
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1981 Honda XL250S
1985 Suzuki DR100
1986 Suzuki DR100
1987 Suzuki DR100
Ways to get in trouble with the girlfriend? Click Below
1985 Honda XL250R
Why Motorcycles are Better Than Woman! ( Need This be said?)
Forget "Murphys Law", Here's "My Bike Law"
1988 Kawasaki KLR650R
1987 Honda CBX250
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1985 Kawasaki Ninga 900
1983 Honda CBX550F
1983 Honda CBX550F
1987 Kawaski Ninja ZX1000R (ZX10)
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What April 6 brought me. ( A belated April Fools!!!)
1978 Honda CB550F
1978 Yamaha XS Maxium 400
Stans CAV, To much Show, with to little go!!!
1981 Kawasaki KZ440
1984 Kawasaki KZ440
1984 Yamaha DT200
1987 Yamaha DT200
1978 Yamaha DT400
1978 Yamaha Enduro 100
1986 Honda CR500
1980 Kawasaki KE100
1987 Yamaha TW200
1978 Honda XL250S
1995 Kawasaki Ninja ZX9R
Notice : This Ninja is most likely going to be FOR SALE come this spring, I am getting the urge for my first Brand New Ride. If interested, you can contact me via the address on the bottom of this page Now SOLD!!!
Now About my BABY !!!
The modifications thus far for this Rocket are as follows:

- A Vance and Hines Carbon FIbre SS2-R Exhaust System, with Nickle plated Manafold to 4-into 1 pipe makes this flight quite a noticable note.
- Next in the upgrades is a K&N Air Filter system, Here I did not omit the airbox and place cones on each carb, Instead I just replaced the OEM filter with a K&N Filter. I took this route because if I were to do it the other way, it would elinimate the airbox, and thus the stock Ram-Air system would not work.
I'm not sure if this K&N airfilter has much advantage because the stock filter is not square like this one, but it is instead the full shape of the airbox, so any extra free flow that the K&N provides, is probally equalled out with the extra surface area of the stock filter. Thus in this application I say save your $80.
- For further supority , how about a undercut geared transmission for better shifts

- Professionally installed Dyno-Jet kit ensures those 4 cylindars are kept happy

- A 4 degree ignition advance is a quick fix for those wanting extra compression

- And how about that Zero Gravity tinted wind screen?

- I am currently making a rear seat cowling that weighs at least 50 times lesss than the current passenger seat. Links to come on the manufacturing process.
The Big Question::
<~~~ Should this be the next bike to entertain  my obsession?
You know the expression " Everythings FORSALE for a Price ", well it was not forsale, , ,  but someone came to me and offered me the "Price", so I had to part with it...... I miss it, "Who was the guy that made up that expression anyways?"
Enough of the Kawa, How about those CR500R's?, of all the makes out there, Honda is my least favorite, mainly because I feel they design things to break!, but when it comes to my CR, IT ROCKS!!!!!, Nothing around here can touch it.
The upgrades this puppy has are as follows:

How about an over bore of .60 to give this thumper an even bigger whomp!, with its Weisco Piston.

- FMF Expansion chamber keep the curves flowing up front!

- An Answer exhaust stinger helps get the attention of those within a 2 kilometer radius.

- Rubber mounted Renthal handlebars are great for holding on for your life!

- Aluminum Sprockets keep weight to a minimum.

- If you know anything about Honda CR500r's, you know that 1986 was the year that the most powerful stock CR was created, all before and after this model year have emission and various other restrictions that make my bike
Another Bike I currently own is a 1987 Kawasaki Ninja ZX1000R, This bike is in excellent shape, I owned this bike for 3 years , (besides this bike, I never ever owned a bike longer than a year!!!) . Have you ever seen a Ninja of this color before?, please write me if you have. This bike was the worlds first production Motorcycle ever to break the 160MPH mark!!!. I enjoy ythis bike alot more than my new Ninja for highway use and for longer rides. Its seating position is not as forward, and because the gas tank is not as high, it is eaiser to lie down on. ( feet on passenger pegs, chest on tank). This bike was the most realiable motorcycle  I have ever owned. It has never ever broken down, all it required was regular maintaince and a good waxing. Besides the Splitfire spark plugs, this bike is 100% stock ( Which is probally why its so reliable ). After 3 years its now time to sell, she is far from the end of her lifetime ( 30000kms), but like I said, I never keep a bike longer than a year!. Asking $4800 o.n.o
E-Mail me if you have any questions or comments!!!