G.G. Allin

Most people only fantasize about eating their own poop -- G.G. Allin lived that dream.
*special introductory paragraph!
*Always Was, Is And Always Shall Be
*Eat My Fuc
*Doctrine Of Mayhem
*Hated In The Nation
*You Give Love A Bad Name
*Freaks, Faggots, Drunks & Junkies
*Anti-Social Personality Disorder - Live!
*The Best Of The Suicide Sessions
*Carnival Of Excess
*War In My Head-I'm Your Enemy
*Brutality & Bloodshed For All

Disgusting sleazebags don't get much disgustingly sleazebaggier than Kevin "G.G." Allin. His life was a sick form of performance art - he set no limits for himself, meaning that he would smash himself in the head with the microphone, beat his fans up, poop on stage, eat it, throw it at the crowd, work diligently to rise to the top ranks of a Fortune 500 company, let girls vomit, pee and poop in his mouth, shoot up every drug he could find, rape and beat up stupid girls who for some reason trusted him, and eventually - he died of a heroin overdose! Which is probably best for us, since he always claimed that he was going to kill himself on stage and take as many spectators with him as possible. Oh! He was also a singer/songwriter along the lines of Jackson Browne. His music? SCUMMY! Started off just misogynist punk, but as his voice and mind deteriorated, it became sicker, filthier, messier, scuzzier, noisier, screamier and Perrier. Perrier??? WATER you doing? Ha ha!!! HEEEEE!

Always Was, Is And Always Shall Be - Orange 1980.
Rating = 7

If you're only familiar with the public image of GG Allin, you will be astonished when you see and hear this album. He's a snotty little twit! Clean shaven face, full head of hair, looks about 20 with an ugly scowl on his snotty little face, wearing a denim jacket with the name "GG Allin" above the pocket. Then put it on and what do you got? Poorly mixed punk rock (the drums are WAY the hell back there) with cleanish guitars and a curled lip American trailer trash redneck jerkoff singing macho lyrics about rockin' and rollin' - like Johnny Cougar gone asshole! With his first band - The Jabbers! Some of the lyrics are violent, profane and misogynistic, but not anything like the grossout shock material he would be performing as early as his second album. These songs are catchy as hell and completely rooted in Ramones/60sish punk, with hilarious lyrics like "Beat, beat, beat - beat my meat, bitch!" and "Makes no sense the things you do and say, girl/'Cuz everything you do comes back to me/Don't you mess with me emotionally/Or I will make you bleed internally." HEE! And that's honestly as bad as it gets. The other tracks are just overdumb spit-in-your-eye stuff like "Don't Talk To Me," "I Need Adventure," "One Man Army" and "Bored To Death."

Ridiculous enough as it is to say, the only thing that hurts this record is GG's attempts to be poppy. As evidenced by everything else he would do in his career, pop music really wasn't his forte - not even pop PUNK. The backup vocals are corny, some of the voice melodies sound riproaringly amateurish with this little kid trying to sing them and one of the songs has the most out-of-tune keyboard you will ever hear in your life - and not on porpoise. It's a WHALE of an out of tune keyboard! See? Lyin'! (Sea Lion)

This was on Orange Records - David Peel's label! As in Have A Marijuana!! That's right!!! HAVE A FUCKIN' MARIJUANA!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wait wait wait, slow down. Are you telling me that you're one of the 999 billion trillion people who have never heard of Have A Marijuana!?

Reader Comments

defab4@earthlink.net (Mike DeFabio)
I've never heard this album, but I've heard of that Have A Marijuana album! Is it any good?

RebelJukebox@aol.com (James)
I actually thought that GG's early work with the Jabbers was his best stuff. No out reachin' for shock value, just good ol' bad-attitude punk rock, the way that it's supposed to be. But anyways, at random, this girl walked up to me, and yelled "GG Allin is alive! GG Allin is alive!" to which I replied, "Y'know, if you were one of the girls GG raped, you wouldn't be all that stoked on him being alive."

Anyways, the stuff with the Jabbers is the best. "Don't Talk To Me" and "Assface" are classics!

Add your thoughts?

Eat My Fuc - Orange 1982.
Rating = 8

Ahhhh now THIS is Pr. GG Addams! Song titles, you demand like a child after a sweet sweet lollipop of life? I'm not in the mood for quotation marks at the moment, so caps will simply have to suffice: HARD CANDY COCK, I DON'T GIVE A SHIT, DRINK FIGHT AND FUCK, I WANNA FUCK YOUR BRAINS OUT, I'M GONNA RAPE YOU, FUCKIN' THE DOG, COCK ON THE LOOSE, CLIT LICKER, BLOW JOBS. And I suppose there are a few others, but they don't contain curse words, so what's the point? No point! That is my answer to everything at this point in our society, as we kill ourselves with the ozone layer and greenhouses.

GG made a quantum leap starring the highly-talented, meteoric young star Scott Bakula on this album, with his new band The ScumFucs kicking the shit out of the pussyass Jabbers, with distorted heavy guitars a-blarin', high-speed angry punk drums a-smashin' (audibly so, too!) and a healthy wad of scraggly phlegm cloggin' up GG's voicebox so, young as he still be, he sounds angry and urban instead of rural and stupid. This is punk rock! A few of the songs still sound like poorly advised bubblegum Ramones ripoffs (especially the disgusting sing-songy "I Wanna Fuck Your Brains Out" and "Teacher's Pet" - BLEAHEW~!), but most of the others are hard angry punk, so HEY WAIT A GODDAMNED MINUTE!!! "POORLY ADVISED"??? NOBODY ADVISED GG ALLIN, YOU FUCK. GG ALLIN DID EVERYTHING HIS WAY, YOU FUCK!!!! YOU AREN'T FIT TO LICK HIS FUKIN SHITT YOU DICK COCK SUCKER!!

Sorry about that, Reader Comments shoved me away from the keyboard to get in a few words. I'm back now. This is a really profane, violent, fun punk rock record that you'll get a real kick out of if you're into stuff like that. Hideous lead guitar work though (as bad as my work with the Low-Maintenance Perennials!) and a weird mix where the fuzzy guitars keep overloading and then disappearing when GG screams too loud (as bad as my work with the Low-Maintenance Perennials!). And the end of the CD features a great in-concert bit, with people in the crowd laughing and making fun of GG as he cusses them out (as bad as my work with the Hollyridge Strings Play The Hits Of The Low-Maintenance Perennials!).

Oh, I forgot. Gotta always talk about what GG looks like. Still young, but his hair is messier, he's grown a really stupid looking redneck mustache and he's going around with sunglasses in front of his eyes and no shirt on like a tough hick punk (which is weird considering he came from Boston. Hurm). On a funny note, this album nowadays is usually referred to as its initials E.M.F.. Isn't that a hilarity laugh? Remember that band E.M.F.? They were really good!

If ya like SHIT!

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Doctrine Of Mayhem - Black & Blue 1990.
Rating = 8

GG's catalog is impossible to keep track of. Various labels have released so darn many singles, EPs, compilations and especially live CDs that I've just given up (a) trying to figure out the correct order for the discography and (b) buying up all the various shmoot and shelackle. But Doctrine Of Mayhem is a necessity. It's a compilation featuring a little acoustic GG, a little of a short-lived band he had called the Cedar Street Sluts, and a whole lotta awesome ScumFucs material, much of which could very well be called the greatest material of his career. Classic angry catchy punk anthems of hate like "Bite It You Scum," "I Wanna Piss On You," "I Wanna Fuck Myself" (later covered by Faith No More!), "Needle Up My Cock," "Fuck The Dead" and "Ass Fuckin' Butt Suckin'" carry on that awesome Scumfucs tradition that made Eat My Fuc such a wonderfully cleansing blast of fury and stupidity. Two versions of the slow, ugly pretentious "Blood For You" (in which GG refers to himself as Jesus Christ, among other deities) are a bit much though, and "GG's Xmas Song" reaches way, way, WAY over the line of "pointless profanity." See, it's a parody of the 12 Days of Christmas, but it's all stuff like "Cunts A-Layin'," "Pussies Fuckin'," "Crusty Panties" and other hilarious line parodies like that. With just GG and his acoustic guitar. Give me the uproarious good times of the Bob Rivers Comedy Corporation any day!

Give me Dr. Demento's Greatest Christmas Novelty Hits Of All Time any day!

Give me Christmas With The Vandals any day!

Give me the Beach Boys' Christmas Album any day!

Give me The Ventures' Christmas Album any day!

Give me Paul Revere And The Raiders' Christmas Present any day!

Don't give me Patsy And Elmo's Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer any day!

By the way, I pissed off a guy at work by sending an email around comparing his newborn daughter to a groundhog. Can you believe the sensitivity of some people? Sheesh. What he needs is some nice ASS FUCKIN! BUTT SUCKIN! CUNT LICKIN! MASTURBATION!!!!!

Huh? No, I didn't make that up. It's a line from a song.

Huh? NO! It's not from Huey Lewis And The News' "The Heart Of Rock And Roll"! Jesus! Would you just drop the issue?

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Hated In The Nation - Danceteria/ROIR.
Rating = 8

Another compilation. This one's cool because it features lots of soundbites of GG in concert talking like a dumbass. Also has some answering machine messages including what sounds like the guitarist from the Dead Kennedys asking GG to open a show for them! Lots of the material can be found on the last two records I just reviewed though, so don't be fooledi nto giving all your money to the coproate monster moneygrubbering sleazebags at ROIR.

So why do you need this album? Because there's a song on it called "Ten Year Old Fuck." It's about fucking 10-year-old girls. GG Allin was a class act and a friend to all.

Add your thoughts?

You Give Love A Bad Name - Homestead 1987.
Rating = 8

Where in Sam Frank's Disco did GG Allin's voice disappear to? Suddenly he doesn't just sound scraggly - he sounds downright disgusting! He's just screaming his obscene lyrics like there's a huge ball of disgusting phlegm lodged in his throat that he enjoys having there so he's not bothering to hack it up in public like a generous person would think to do. And his new band The Holy Men aren't even really "punk rock"! They're distorted, trashy and noisy as hell, but the music is more of a midtempo slash-and-burn grunge noise figpuck sound, with just a couple fast 'uns thrown in for the kids to dig.

Another really good record for GG. Critics hate this guy, but fuck them. They don't know what rock and roll is if they can't see the headbanging, hilarious aspects of shit like "I'm A Rapest" (his spelling, not mine), "Teenage Twats" and "Swank Fucking," which begins the record with the stirring couplet, "Your pussy smells like piss/Your asshole smells like shit." GG Allin - fabled poet of the Underwood!

Although this record certainly doesn't include any of GG's best known songs, it's very consistent, with only two slow trudgers kinda testing the patience a bit. And a Charles Manson cover!!!! Just like the Lemonheads and Guns 'N Roses! But different! Because this song is actually a GOOD Charles Manson song!!!! Even though I think Charles Manson is an asshole and anybody who glorifies him deserves to have their loved ones slaughtered so they can see how "wicked cool" it is!!!!!

Add your thoughts?

* Faggots, Freaks, Drunks & Junkies - Awareness 1991. *
Rating = 10

This is the album that made me a GG Allin fan (from afar, of course), so let it do the same for you! Nineteen horrific tracks, covering the gamut from spoken word to country/western to hardcore punk to avante noise to industrial noise to trash grunge to AC/DC-style hard rock -- all driven into the dirt by a disgustingly reverbed mud-level guitar tone, shitty airplane hangar-quality production, vomitously low, grizzled screamed vocals and yet another batch of stupid, offensive lyrics with no attention at all placed on "rhyme" or "point."

Oh, would you have written "reason" instead of "point"? Well, I guess that's why I'm the world famous record reviewer Mark Prindle and you're just the lowly high-powered CEO of Microsoft, which is probably named after the inferior state of your phallus. Brian Wilson covers on this one include "Be My Fuckin Whore," "Suck My Ass It Smells," "Dog Shit," "Sleeping In My Piss," "Anti Social Masterbator" (his spelling, not mine. I would have spelled it "Auntie"), "Last In Line For The Gang Bang," "Cunt Sucking Cannibal," "Commit Suicide" and "My Bloody Mutilation." 50 minutes long!!! Why haven't you bought it yet????? Do you think I'm doing this for fame and romance???

Add your thoughts?

Anti-Social Personality Disorder-Live! - Awareness 1997.
Rating = 6

The whole point of GG's live shows was to give him a chance to beat people up. I'm sure that videos of his shows are entertaining as hell (I've only seen one, but it was RIDICULOUS! Just a disgusting bald bloody naked man running around the floor attacking people), but there's no reason to buy any of the fifty eight billion live CDs that are available. The songs are always poorly recorded, with little attention paid to the vocals.

That's not to deny that most of his songs are catchy and/or funny as hell though, which is why I couldn't bring myself to give this disc less than a 6 on my Scale Of Diabetes.

Add your thoughts?

The Best Of The Suicide Sessions - Awareness 1997.
Rating = 5

If this is the Best, I'd hate to hear the WORST!!!!

But all hilarious kidding aside, this is an itch-achingly disappointing collection of half-assed trudgers. It's all very poorly recorded, slow and noisy but only occasionally catchy and, because of GG's retched screaming tendencies of late, it's nearly IMPOSSIBLE to understand the lyrics, which I'm sure are poetic and mature, much like the work of the late Robert Frost. Some of the stirring pieces on this wax-go-spin include "Shit On My Prick," "Cornhole Lust," "Spread Your Legs, Part Your Lips," "Stick A Cross Up A Nun's Cunt," "Drug Whore" and "Lillian Phone Fucker."

It's just not very good. Too many of the songs are just a bunch of tuneless noise with GGG yelling over it. In fact, while playing it tonight, engaged in a heated game of Triple-Ball with my fiancee Brenda and my puppy Henry, I perceived some discomfort in the face of the woman component in the above equation. I sayeth to thine, "What's wrong, are you tired?" And she replied, "Yeah, and I hate GG Allin." And I'm all like what the fuck, because she sang along with tons of the songs from the first three albums, remembering them from her punker days in high school (in fact, she insists that Always Was, Is And Always Shall Be should get the 10 - she LOVES "Automatic"). So I says, "Huh? I thought you liked GG Allin?!?" And, in that mysterious wily female way, she seductively replied, "Not this shit."

Reader Comments

Suicide Sessions is a one-dot album if I ever heard one. No way this crap is four dots better than Family Man. Not that I'm saying Family Man is great stuff or anything, it's just that all the criticisms you applied to the music on that album apply here tenfold. Thank God I only downloaded this off Napster and promptly deleted it. Just think: if Lars Ulrich would have his way, I might have actually spent precious money BUYING that cd someday. HEYell naw!!

Add your thoughts?

Carnival Of Excess - Vinyl Retentive 1995.
Rating = 5

Country/western music is outlaw music, after all, so ol' self-outlaw-fancier Allin thought he'd give it a whirl. This is straight C/W music, with clean guitars, pianos and bouncy bass lines, and GG is (choke!) SINGING!!! In an odd twist of fate along the lines of Dylan cleaning up his larynx for "Lay Lady Lay," GG sounds like a warbling seal as he relates his tales of tough-guy macho drug use and showoffitudeness. Some of the songs are good, but the others sound just like the good oneswithout that which makes them good! If you're a country music fan, you probably won't want to hear GG doing it, and if you're a GG fan, you probably won't want to hear country music.,p>And if you're a Boston fan, tune in to your favorite classic rock station, where you'll hear a song off of the first Boston album EVERY TWENTY MINUTES!!!

Add your thoughts?

War In My Head-I'm Your Enemy - Awareness 1993.
Rating = 4

The stylistic tinkering continues. I don't know the story behind this, so I'll just tell ye what it are, Cigar. This is repeated loops of GG espousing his stupid outlook on life ("murder is good," "comfort is bad," etc) while loops of noise from his past albums play in the background. It's more interesting than you'd think, but less interesting than any other GG record that I personally have ever heard. He takes himself far too seriously, and it shows! Lots of Richard Kern pics of GG in the little booklet. Richard Kern is the greatest erotic photographer of all time, but who in Sam Jenkins McGillicudy requested erotic pictures of GG Allin?

El Duce from The Mentors I could understand, but GG Allin? Blorp!

I made up that word "blorp" - do you like it? It's short for "Every word in the Bible." So now you can memorize the entire Bible just by remembering one word! Try it Sunday at your Pastor!

Add your thoughts?

Brutality And Bloodshed For All - Alive 1993.
Rating = 7

Holy frijole senor, GG at age 36 looked like a mass murderer and sounded like the Cookie Monster. His once vital young spiteful shit scream has devolved into an unintentionally humorous Muppet growl and his new band the Murder Junkies plays COCK ROCK METAL!!! Seriously. Not like power ballads and stuff like that, but you could definitely hear like the Scorpions or AC/DC playing these riffs. Though a lot of the songs are supercatchy in a midtempo late-period Ramones-type way, it's certainly not punk by any imagination of my stretch (except for the low-life production, I suppose). The lyrics are about a billion times less entertaining than on his previous outings too. Where are the ridiculously misogynist sex lyrics? All we get hear is violence, boring violence and bland violence, often with unwieldy titles! "Raw, Brutal, Rough & Bloody"? "Shoot, Knife, Strangle, Beat & Crucify"? "Legalize Murder"? Who can remember BOTH of those words? I can't!!! What were they??? "Legalize Puppy Dogs"??? "Larry Hagman Murder"??? Oh, my mind is an uncle to your leftwing pinko ideals!!!

"I Kill Everything I Fuck" is pretty much the only funny title on here, unless you get a chuckle out of the novelty song "Shove That Warrant Up Your Ass." Do you?

GG died BEFORE this album was released, and the back of the album cover has a tasteful picture of him dead in his coffin, wearing underwear and holding a bottle of liquor as the other Murder Junkies gather around, looking just as dead as he. For the record, there's one other GG CD that is supposed to be really good that I've been trying to hunt down. It's a collaboration he did with the band Antiseen -- a CD called, confusingly enough, Murder Junkies. Have you heard it? Is it as good as that one guy told me it is?

Reader Comments

I have that Murder Junkies cd, and it is good. Antiseen play catchy rednecky punk rock that fits GG's style perfectly. Good tunes. The lyrics are all that "kill everyone, MURDER!!! blah blah blah" that can be expected from late-period GG, except for the song describing his prison stint in my lovely home state of Michigan, in which he threatens to make his fellow inmates his "baby boy".

If you ever get the opportunity, check out the GG documentary "Hated"(by the same guy that made that movie "Road Trip" w/ Tom Green!?!?). In one particularly interesting sequence, the maker of the film visits GG's hometown of Bumfuck, New Hampshire and chats with the locals, including GG's high school band teacher(GG Allin was a band geek?? Hahaha!!!!). Definitely worth watching.

Some idiot visiting someone who lives on my floor once ate poop in the hallway on a bet. I'll leave you with a quote from him: "Poop tastes REALLY REALLY BAD!!

Am I alone in thinking that everything GG did was crap?

OK, I'll have to admit- I've never heard a GG Allin song. I just read the reviews because I've heard a lot about how psychotic he was. And ya know what?

I think it's really pathetic that there's actually a following for this loser. The only people I ever hear praising this guy are men thirty or over who are SO into being ant-establishment that they feel they HAVE to be a fan of this guy. So he did everything his way, so what? If the only way he could get attention was to smear shit all over himself and rape women, his way sucked!! What a fucking legacy....he has a fan base made up entirely of ex-punks and hardcore horror/exploitation film geeks. I love punk (no, not Blink 182), I love horror films (no, not Scream), and I believe in thinking for yourself. But I'm not going to proclaim myself a GG Allin fan just because 99% of the human population never heard of him. And after reading these reviews, I could give a shit less if his music WAS great (yeah, right. Like THAT'S the reason people buy his stuff-for his wonderful music). He was a dumbass, pure and simple. I'll stick with the Misfits, Ramones, and Black Flag. Yeah, they're fairly well-known, and that ain't very "punk", but at least they never ate shit and raped women. They were too talented for that...

Add your thoughts?

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