Cattle Mutilations

Mutilations #1

Mutilations #1

Source: Ashley Rye

For thirty years, rural America has played host to an uninvited, and most definitely unwelcome, guest. With remarkable stealth, it prowls the length and breadth of the country, committing atrocious acts of mutilation on innocent cattle: blood, bodily organs, fluids and glands are removed with disturbing speed and precision, giving every impression that a superior technology, far exceeding that of twentieth-century science, is at work.

Moreover, in many instances of mutilation strange aerial lights are seen in the same area suggesting that the two phenomena, whatever their ultimate nature, have a common point of origin. And it is not just unidentified airborne objects that are seen. In a number of cases, the cattle mutilators have been witnessed committing their savage acts of slaughter, and those responsible are not predators such as foxes and coyotes; they are not livestock rustlers; and they are not mentally deranged persons seeking macabre thrills. No, all the evidence suggests that North America has in its midst a silent and deadly breed of extraterrestrial which is literally harvesting cattle on a massive scale, and the authorites are fully aware of what is taking place.

And there is some evidence, fantastic as it may be, that suggests that elements of the US military and intelligence community are actually lending assistance to, and providing cover for, the mutilators. Before addressing the issue of FBI involvement in the mutilations, however, let us examine what lies behind this strange and elusive mystery.

For the majority of investigators, the premier mutilation event was that of September 1967, when Lady, a three-year-old horse belonging to Nellie Lewis, was found killed and mutilated under shocking circumstances on the ranch of her brother, Harry King, in southern Colorado. While the body of Lady was left essentially intact, the flesh from her neck and head had been completely removed in what seemed to be a surgical-like procedure.

From his Alamosa home, Nellie Lewis’s husband, Berle, commenting on the sudden increase in UFO sightings which accompanied Lady's death, said: `We see something - I won't say what it is - every night.' A further account came one month after the events at the King ranch from two witnesses who caught sight of a pair of high-flying, cigar-shaped objects - each about half the size of a football field - on a course that would have taken them over the southern Colorado area.

The case of Lady has now been well documented, and the most comprehensive account can be found in Linda Howe's excellent 1989 book, An Alien Harvest. For the purpose of this review of the evidence, however, I will cite a number of lesser-known events, which offer support for my belief that the truly unexplained animal mutilations are the work of some otherworldly force.

In mid-1974, at least five cattle were found slain and mutilated in Madison County, Nebraska. In all cases the genitalia of the animals were removed, and in one instance the cow was reported to be minus one ear and eye, as well as its nose, mouth and tongue.

Again, UFOs were reported. One witness, Harold Kester, described seeing an object which `looked as if it had a little bluish-green light on each side with a glow surrounding it. It was behind a tree and moved from one side of the tree to the other. We couldn't tell how close it was or how fast it was moving.'

In July 1975, six heads of cattle were found mutilated forty miles north of Council, Idaho. Again, tongues, genitalia, and in these instances, the udders of the animals were removed. In a series of similar findings in Colorado, the cattle had been entirely drained of blood. `We didn't find any [blood] at all,' commented Sheriff Jim Hileman of Adams County. `It could have been washed away by rain, but I'd have to say that not finding any blood in this sort of a case is highly unusual.

`I'm not scared, just uneasy,' reported a citizen of Elsberry, Missouri, following a series of mutilations which hit the town in June 1978. As in Madison County, Nebraska, in 1974, and Council, Idaho in 1975, the animals were missing vital organs and body parts including teeth, eyes, tongues and ears. And, more baffling, the animals were once again drained of blood in some vampiric-type fashion.

Needless to say, during this time period UFOs were ever present. On 18 June, a bright, saucer-shaped light was seen in the southern sky by Manford, Maurice and Aprile Hammond and a Mr and Mrs Melvin Parker. Prior to the sighting, Mr Hammond had been listening on a `police scanner' and heard that a woman in the Kings Lake area had reported a bright light over her home. Going outside, Hammond searched the sky and saw it: a huge light blazing in the night sky.

Greeley, Colorado, was the target of the mutilators in September 1980. A Briggsdale rancher, Roland Ball, commenting on two cattle found slaughtered, said: `That's the first one I've ever seen this way. We found another west of the one that had been dead for about two days, but it had been dead for quite a while. But it had one ear gone and I could tell it wasn't a predator.'

In addition to the removed organs, one of the cattle had a four-inch-diameter circle of hide removed from the area of its navel. `They had just taken the navel out and everything around it. It was just as neat a cut as could be,' said Ball.

Eight years after the killings at Greeley, a variety of animals were mutilated and killed in the North Bellport area of New York, including sheep, dogs and goats. Again, a number were drained of blood and had been subjected to surgical procedures, something confirmed by the Brookhaven Department of Public Safety Commissioner, Thomas Liguori.

When Tuscon, Arizona, was singled out for attack in 1991, Detective Mike Rafferty of the Cochise County Sheriff's Office commented: `Nine animals, that's the official number, but we know there are a lot more out there. These [mutilations) are happening all over the state - and country - but we seem to have had our fair share lately in Cochise County. We don't know why.

`The signs are distinct. For example, the animal has been totally drained of its blood, and the sexual parts of its body have been cut off'

At 9.45 p.m. on 13 December 1993, Christopher O'Brien, a journalist of southern Colorado, received a telephone call from a Crestone resident `house-sitting' in the Baca Grants, who reported that a `glowing white object' had fallen to the ground south of the Baca, north of Hooper.

The next day, a 1,700-pound bull was found dead on the Dale and Clarence Vigil ranch in the nearby Costilla County. In addition to the usual signs of mutilation, broken tree branches were found where the animal lay, and, six feet up, red hair and blood were found on the tips of other branches, giving the impression that the bull had been physically lifted off the ground.

Having now established that the cattle-mutilation mystery is genuine and appears to be linked with the sighting of anomalous flying objects, what evidence is their to suggest that this is the work of extraterrestrials?

There are now a number of valid accounts in hand which give every indication that the killing and mutilation of animals in the USA is indeed the work of an alien force.

In May 1973, Judy Doraty was driving home with her family after an evening in Houston, Texas, when they actually came across alien entities in the process of conducting just such a procedure on a calf. In a 1989 interview on 21 st Century Radio, Linda Howe divulged what had been learned from the experience of Judy Doraty: `Judy described . . . in a pale beam of yellow light, a small brown and white calf being taken up into a craft. Then, in an extraordinary way, [Judy) was inside the craft, and she watches the calf have pieces of it excised: the tongue, the sex organs, the eyes . .

`When Leo Sprinkle [of the University of Wyoming) asked her "Is there anyone around you?", there was this long, almost forty-five-second pause, and then she said: "Two little men."

`[The two beings) were about three and a half to four feet tall; grey creatures with large egg-shaped heads.'

In June 1990, Ralph Steiner, an award-winning radio producer who lives in Berkeley, California, conducted an interview with Linda Howe, during which Howe discussed the testimony of a Waco, Texas, rancher who in 1980 had a practically identical encounter with two four-foot-tall creatures, with oversized, oval heads and `long, solid' black eyes carrying the body of a calf near a small hill on his ranch.

`That rancher was petrified,' said Howe. `He ran away, and it took him three days to get up the courage to go back. When he did, he took his wife and his son with him . . . There they found che calf, completely eviscerated of skeleton and organs.'

A number of other similar reports exist, and I am convinced of their veracity, even if they do stretch our credulity to the maximum. One such case involves the abduction of a woman and her son by alien entities in May 1980 at Cimarron, New Mexico, and the mother's recollection of seeing a cow mutilated within some form of room or chamber by creatures variously described as `Bony . . . skinny . . . almost skeletal . . . They have burning eyes, like the devil.'

But if these macabre killings are the work of alien predators, what is the nature of their agenda? Do they consider the Earth to be some form of `cosmic supermarket' which they can liberally exploit at will? And if so, what is our relationship with these beings?

A former pilot for the CIA, John Lear, has said that the extra-terrestrials responsible for the cattle mutilations have a genetic disorder which has destroyed their digestive system, and, in order to sustain themselves, they use an enzyme or hormonal secretion obtained from the tissue extracted not just from cattle, but humans also - which has highly disturbing implications.

Lear says: `The cattle mutilations that were prevalent throughout the period from 1973 to 1983 . . . were for the collection of these tissues by the aliens.'

If Lear's information is accurate, what, if anything, does the US government know about this? On repeated occasions since the 1970s there have been an untold number of sightings of unmarked helicopters in the vicinity of cattle mutilation sites, which almost certainly confirms that they are somehow implicated in the events. Inevitably, it has been postulated that the mutilations are the work of some clandestine arm of government which is exploiting the cattle, possibly in tests for germ-warfare weapons, and the helicopters are the means by which those involved move from site to site. This is not an impossible scenario, but no one connected to such a project has ever spoken publicly to confirm their involvement, and nothing substantial has surfaced to support this hypothesis. Far more likely, in my opinion, is that the helicopters are piloted by military or intelligence sources specifically to monitor the activities of the real mutilators.

In January 1994, when cattle mutilations were rife in the southern Colorado area, a local journalist, Christopher O'Brien, informed the researcher John Grace that over the course of the previous one and a half months, the San Luis Valley area had played host to a variety of unusual and unexplained phenomena. Almost nightly, O'Brien advised Grace, formations of helicopters had been viewed in the vicinity of the valley perimeter, as if waiting for `something' to make its presence felt; and more disturbingly, the local cattle population was also suffering adversely at the hands of unknown forces.

Further proof that some arm of the US military has more than a passing knowledge of the cattle mutilations comes from the researcher Christa Tilton of Oklahoma. Having had a number of striking UFO encounters herself, Tilton takes more than a passing interest in the subject, and has conducted an in-depth study of the 1980 abduction and cattle-mutilation event at Cimarron, New Mexico. Most notable of all, many of Tilton's experiences mirror closely those reported in the Cimarron case.

During the course of her enquiries, Tilton had a period of communication with Richard Doty, formerly a counterintelligence agent with the US Air Force Office of Special Investigations. In November 1989, Christa Tilcon was informed by Doty that the mother and son at Cimarron had `a very real encounter with something very strange .

What particularly struck Doty was the woman's description of the place she was taken to. According to Doty, the description sounded very much like an underground weapons facility. Admitting to having been `taken aback' by what he heard, Doty felt that both the woman and her child had accidentally stumbled across a highly classified government program.

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