How to Add IRDA Support on Gigabyte Ga586HX Boards

On most older Revisions of the Ga586HX IRDA is on the boards design but the 5Pin Connector was not soldered onto it.
The only thing you have to do is to solder a 5Pin connector onto it and plug in a IRDA Tranceiver .
My Rev. 1.56 Motherboard has a Winbond W83877F Chip, so the board makes  SIR-IRDA with up to 115kBaud.
Edge of the Mainboard with unconnected IRDA
Pinout of IRDA connector
5: IRTXSend IR Data
4: GNDSupply GND
3: IRRXReceive IR Data
2: ncnot Connected
1: VCCSupply +5V
There are 2 unconnected SMD condensators. I have no clue which value they have. But it works without them.
If you have any information, please mail me, thanks.
Additionaly you only need a tranceiver. My modification only describes how to add the necessary connector to the board.
For further information see Dschen Reinecke there you can find information how to build your own.



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