Fairy Facts 3       

Fairy Encounters

         If you've ever caught a whiff of a subtle perfume wafting through the air

         Or caught a glimpse of movement out of the corner of your eye

         yet when you looked no one was there.

         If you've ever heard the faint strains of music when no musicians were nearby

         Chances are you've had an encounter with the Fae.


Fairy Rings

Dark circles of grass in lighter grass
Or rings of mushrooms, are the signs
Of the wild revelry under the stars

Often mortals are enticed into the dancing
For a night then step from the round to
Find that a hundred years have
Passed in their own world


Fairy Superstition

         Paralysis - caused by the "invisible presence of a faerie market"

         Cramps - punishment for annoying faeries

         Unexplained bruises - caused by pinching faeries

         Infantile paralysis - sure proof that you have a changeling

         Skin diseases - impetigo and lice could be inflicted by faeries

         Problems with childbirth - faeries may be blamed, as they are also fertility spirits

         Consumption - aka tuberculosis, has many causes: eating faerie food, witchcraft & broken hearts


Fairy Music

The fairies are passionately fond of music
it is therefore dangerous for a young girl
to sing when she is all alone by the
lake, for the spirits will draw her down
to them to sing to them in the fairy
palace under the waves
and her people will see her no more.

Yet sometimes when the moonlight is on the water
and the waves break against the crystal columns
of the fairy palace far down in the depths
they can hear her voice, and they know that she
is singing to the fairies in the spirit
land beneath the waters of the lake.


Fairy Communication

         Dance - Fairies love to dance and will dance right through the night

         Pranks - Fairies are always up to tricks and pranks

         Riddles - Fairies loves to communicate in riddles






Brownies demand a nightly bowl of milk or cream
and sometimes a honey cake. These are to
be left out for the brownie to take as he wishes
and not given directly. In fact, gifts
to brownies should never be given.

Brownies become extremely offended
when offered reward for its service.


Flowers to attract Fairies

        Poppies - Said to invoke the Faery into your dreams

        Heather - Heather is said to ignite Faery passions and open portals between their world
                  and our own

        Lilac - The sweet scent is said to draw Sprites to your garden

        Apple - The bark of apple trees or the fruits themselves have the power to transport a
                  true-hearted seeker to the Other world

        Bluebells - Said to attract fairies to dance in your garden

        Elecampagne - Also known as Elfswort, this root can be scattered around the home to attract
                  the Sidhe

        Foxglove - Put a dried sprig of Foxglove in a talisman to keep you surrounded in Faery light


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