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This page has things I did throughout
the year in Memory of Marrissa.

In Loving Memory of Marrissa Sharon Longsine

Born: March 27, 2003 at 7:51am
Became an Angel: March 27, 2003 at 8:17am
Weight: 3 pounds 13 ounces
Height: 14 inches long

"On March 27th God gave us our little angel Marrissa, for a very short time for she was needed in Heaven more than she was needed here. Though she is with God and her Grandparents, she is sadly missed by Mom, Dad, and her sister Breanna."

Marrissa Marrissa Marrissa Marrissa

My little angel was born March 27th, 2003, I was a little
over 32 weeks along, and my water broke at home around 2:00
in the morning, I was so frightend, I didn't know what to do,
but we went into the hospital, and they scheduled a c-section
for 7:00 in the morning. Marrissa was so active during those
hours I was at the hospital, moving around, and her heartbeat
was strong, the nurses had a hard time keeping track of the
heartbeat because she was so active. The nurses were getting
me ready for the surgery and one of them started telling me
what to expect, that she would be tiny, probably have trouble
breathing, have to stay in the hospital for a while, I started
to cry, that scared me so much! I went in for the c-section,
everything was going well, they asked if I wanted to watch
them take her out, I said yes, they put a mirror above my head
so I could see. I saw her, and then the doctor said to take it away.
I just knew something was wrong. I was asking whats wrong, a few
minutes later the NICU doctor came over and started telling me what
was wrong, some of her organs were on the outside of her body, she
had a curved spine, and many other problems, the most life threating
was that her lungs were very underdeveloped, and she wasn't able
to breathe. The doctor told me that she probably wasn't going to survive.
I started sobbing and shaking. They brought her over to me on the
little bed, I touched her tiny hand and cried......Marrissa became
an angel 26 minutes after she was born. After, they brought her
to me and I got to hold my little angel. That was so hard to do,
knowing that would be the one and only time I would get to hold
my precious Marrissa. I touched her little tiny fingers and toes,
her little precious lips and tiny little chin....she was so precious
and perfect, I kissed her forhead and told her,
"Mommy loves you always"......My little angel Marrissa Sharon,
came into my life at 7:51am, she was 3lbs, 13oz, and 14 inches long.
Now I have to carry on with out her, it is so difficult....I had to
spend 4 days in the hospital without my baby....I had to leave
the hospital without my baby, I cried the whole way out....I had to
go home, and all her baby things were in my room(she was going
to be sleeping in my room for the first couple months), It was so
hard putting those things away.....I should be holding, feeding,
changing, playing with my precious Marrissa......instead I was
planning a funeral......I'm having such a hard time, my life is
like a living nightmare, thats how I feel anyway. At times I don't
feel like going on, I'm so sad. My heart aches for my Marrissa........
The only joy is the smile of my Breanna, she is 3 years old, she
see's that I'm sad, and asks me, "Mommy are you sad". and she smiles
at me and says, "I make you happy", and of course I can't help but smile.

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I created this page for my little angel, I miss her dearly! I will never forget the precious moments I had with her, they were very short, but I will cherish them always.

Our precious baby girl, you will always be in our hearts, thoughts, and prayers. We love you so very much and miss you every passing day!
Love, Mommy, Daddy, & Breanna

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"An Angel's Prayer"
Please let go of your anger and fear
For I have not left you, I am still right here
I've moved it's true, to this place far above
I now sleep cradled in the arms of God's love

I am happy and safe, oh I wish you could see
There are so many Angels, some smaller than me
God keeps us real busy, there's plenty to do
But I'm never too busy to say, "I Love You"

I say it each time the sun kisses your face
When you feel a soft breeze, that's my gentle embrace
When you look up to heaven and see my bright star
You will know that I'm with you wherever you are

In the eyes of a stranger or the smile of a friend
My message of love to you will not end
I am the fragile new flower that will bloom in the spring
I am the tune that the song birds will happily sing

So don't doubt the love that God has for you
Trust and believe in the things He can do
He sent you this message in His own special way
To strengthen and guide you throughout your day

With Love, your little Angel
By Dan Harrison

~Angels Among Us~

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