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I was born in Warangal, Andhra Pradesh, India where I completed my B.Sc. at Kakatiya University. During my B.Sc. days, I was so influenced by the 'Theory of Evolution' that I lost the belief in the existence of God hence became an atheist.

The idea that any life form, during the embryonic growth, shows the order of evolution from unicellular to its multicellular present form is very convincing; kind of like 'not forgetting our fore fathers'.

Fine, the advanced life form evolved from a primitive life over a period of millions of years but how on earth, life originated first of all and why?

Completed M.Sc. in Organic Chemistry at Osmania University, Hyderabad. Here, I learnt, apart from usual aspects of Chemistry, 'Optical Activity' of some chemicals. Some molecules exist as non-superimposable mirror images, which makes them different despite the fact that they share same molecular formula and properties. These optical isomers are like right and left hands of a person and can be called D and L isomers in layman terms. To make an optically active chemical, you need the help of another optically active chemical but, then how the first optically active chemical formed on earth?

Finished my Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry at Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore where I learnt origin of optical activity is responsible for the origin of life. Also learnt some theories which explain (not very satisfactorily) the origin of optical activity in nature.

At this stage, I realized that optical activity is the key for the origin of life because all the biochemical reactions that take place in the life forms involve these optical isomers and all the life forms on this earth are composed of D-sugars and L-amino acids but their counter life forms with L-sugars and D-aminoacids are missing. Why is this discrimination?

I went on to Jerusalem, Israel, to work as a postdoc in Hadassah Medical Centre, Hebrew University.

After two years, I moved to Portland, OR, USA to work as a postdoc at Oregon Graduate Institute.

I worked, as a postdoc again, at Texas Tech University, Lubbock, TX.

During all this period my quest remained as such and never found a reasonable answer. Now I became agnostic, well, the evolution theory may be right but there may be a super power programming the universe which is so VAST and answers to quests like this may not be immediate.

Whatever may be the origin of life, I enjoy life to the fullest and I make use of every opportunity it provides and have seen, like everybody else, the flowers, the jackals, the good the bad and the ugly. Life is like an Indian Cuisine with each and every spice on earth in it. In this spicy life, which is my only one time chance (some say there are more than one chance) trust only Love and Friendship as opposed to Lust and Money.

Presently I am in Hyderabad and planning to join in some industry soon in USA.

Thanks for the patience, convinced now that I am a Doctor of Philosophy?

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