In this page I will describe a little bit about the space missions to Mars that have gone in te past, present and future. I will introduce you to the fascinating world of space discovery. You will choose from 9 different sections, so you can gain the knowledge of all the NASA´s missions.

We all know that the natural resources on earth are limited, so why not think about going to another planet.What planet would we go to?


Well lets think about Mars; mars is a perfectly good planet, its climate conditions are very similar to the ones we find on earth;so we dont need a very long time to adapt. !Yeah! lets go to mars. In a short time we might be living in mars, but first we have to wait. We need a space station;the International Space Station, it will be constructed from 2001-2006, when the ISS is finished we will be able to travel to Mars


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Past missions


        Mariner mission                             Pathfinder                                    Viking mission


Global surveyor




Present missions


    Mars Climate Orbiter                Mars Polar Lander                         Deep Space 2





Future missions


                             2001 Mars Odyssey         Mars 2003 and 2005 Missions


A Crewed Mission to Mars...



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