"Yetwhen I surveyed all that my hands had done 
and what I had toiled to achieve, 
everything was meaningless, a chasing after the wind; 
nothing was gained under the sun."
                                       --Ecclesiastes 2: 11

Rather than have a rather overdone "Andrew's Homepage" (click here to see how many of those there are now) I've opted to go the bohemian way and use this name for my webpage. Some of you may be aware of the existence of another homepage which was created the year I first got an Internet account (1996) and subsequently ignored. Which would explain the abundance of gaudy animated GIFs and other unsightly things. 




Andrew has a lot of cool stuff he won't be allowed tokeep in storage when he goes away!
Go to Shop to request for them.    (Updated29 January 2002)


04/08/02: After supper with William, Ben, Esmond and Candice the discussion on NS (stretching past 1am) got me thinking all night. Was sleepless and this is the result- as first published on my blog Balderdash. I also added stuff on Ublues Festival and Yi Yi.

25/04/02: I'm now currently in melbourne, into my 7th week of classes as a fresher medical student. Just heard a joke- "What do you call a medical student who's last in his/her class?" Answer: "Doctor".

I've spent just over 2 months here (though not continuously) residing in Ormond College, and trying to live it out in a strange land.
Gabriel's completed his Basic Military Training, and he's been posted right opposite my place as a Combat Medic. Read about it in Balderdash. I still blog frequently. Not feeling well disposed to a Certain Problem-based Learning Tutor of PBL Group 1O right now, and contemplating evil lesson-disrupting activities next week during tutorial. Meanwhile I've gotten some photos of my church's costume party (2 days before I left), Overseas Christian Fellowship easter camp, and miscellanous other photos in melbourne, up here . They're messy and this probably goes contrary to every principle of good webpage design. You will have to bear with this until I figure out a quick way to create an online photo album without a computer to myself.

16/02/02: Hectic days ... Serve photos here. And in caseany of you soon-to-be medics are wondering, Yun Nan Book Store in Bras BasahComplex "confirmed" has the cheapest medical textbooks ... NUS ScienceCo-op is around the same price but go there with an NUS student with a co-opdiscount card. Yun Nan obtains its books directly from the publishers. Addressfor Yun Nan is 

Blk 231 Bain Street #04-57 (Yun nan has two brancheswithin Bras Basah Complex, one opposite Popular on level 4 and one further downthe corner; the latter has medical textbooks; the former has textbooks forvarious other fields)
Bras Basah Complex 
Singapore 180231
Tel: 338-4033
Fax: 338-4003

Opening Hours: Monday to Saturday 10.00 am to 6.00pm

The cashier lady is very nice, she has a lot ofexperience with the textbooks and will allow you to browse through to pick whichones suits you best. And she'll give you advice on what she's heard from themany other medical students who pass through her shop.  

13/02/02: Updated Portal with everything I'll need(hopefully). I'm flying off to Melbourne, so friends, do keep in contact with mevia email (I check all of them =p). Gabriel's homepage account with Tripod wasdeleted, so I've changed the links to his homepageand Balderdashtoo. 

Oh yes, Psalm27 rocks. (=

29/01/02: Okay, I know it's been a while since I touched myhomepage, but thanks loads for visiting. We hit 200 a week ago! Addedlow-tech easy maintenance navigation bar on top of homepage for easier access;may add date of last update in the future. Visit Shop- alot of things left.  Portal has been massivelyupdated- mainly with my own bookmarks (okay, for me to access favourite webpagesfrom abroad but they're really worth a look!). Also JournalElven , I mean Journal Eleven (I can just hearMeriadoc going "What about breakfast ... What about second breakfast ...What about elevenses? Does he know about elevenses?") about my currentactivities and future plans .  Do look at Balderdash,Gabriel's been writing descriptive bookout posts on army life so far. Insiderview.  

10/01/02: Updated link error in Perspective- Prom link. Click hereto see the photos, and here for the description. Alsoadded practically all my IE bookmarks to Portal. Brother commented that the girlwith the Harry Potter specs in the London photogallery is pretty inscrutable (visually). Thinking of adding a document in Wordson The Oxford interview.  

07/01/02: Scanned in and uploaded more photos- my funky JCClass, Prom and Londontrip ones. They're really exciting- go look! I took a number of photos at thefamed "Harry Potter" Platform 9 3/4, King's Cross train station. Alsodiscovered that the original title, "Harry Potter and the Philosopher'sStone", is used throughout UK as it should be. 

Andrew blogs at Balderdash

BOOKED! Personal review of favourite books. As someone said, the internet isfull of pseuds all of whom think too highly of their literary criticisms- noharm adding another. Also included is a section on children's books; this section of literature has often been overlookeddespite its depth and universal relevance. 

SOLITAIRE Perhaps the most narcissistic section, it has journal-style musings of mine.Topics include pet peeves and pop culture. Don't expect anything toophilosophical or grand, though. 

ME This rivals SOLITAIRE in self-indulgence. Nothing you probably won't know already- Andrew doesn't have that many secrets. 

WORKS IN PROGRESS Included in this section are my digital productions- writings, essays, advertisement banners.  Actually, there's quite a lot of stuff now- amupdating Local Arts Productions as soon as I hear of them  

PERSPECTIVE Photos, mostly. Of note are my overseas trips. New:Melbourne photos (all 108 of them) are up in a gleaming Photogallery! If you went for the trip, your picture's definitely there. If not,just enter and feast your eyes!

PORTAL Requisite Links. And those I heartily endorse.  

What Used to be New: Archive of webpage updates.

02/01/02: A Belated Blessed Christmas and Happy New Yearto you. Over a hundred people have visited Ood (thank you for the support! Ireally appreciate it)- maybe it's time to change its name. Flew back from Londonyesterday, Details in Journal Ten (gleaned from Balderdash),and a most importantly, Melbourne Photo Gallery.*Phew! Took me this whole afternoon and evening, with the aid of a wonderfulpiece of shareware*. Thinking of adding a section in Words on medical schoolinterviews. And prom photos will go up by this week. I know it's been a longtime since the last update, but don't stop dropping by once in a while. Andvisit Shop

06/12/01: A-Levels over. Prom over. Rush job on Prom.Please visit Shop. Further updates pending,pending. 

22/11/01: Journal Eight and Nine.My Favourite Things. JCGuide's RJCentry a scandalous subject of gossip in Staff rooms 1, 2 and 3 in a schoolin Ghim Moh

22/10/01: Okay, birthday sucked.  Added lotsa stuffto Works- it's a Words in Progress. Updated Booked.Journal Seven.
                  *Singapore goes for General Election polls on 3 November. Snap polls (andannouncement of redrawn constituency boundaries) convince ambivalent minorityabout the incumbent party's intentions and scruples. Ex-PM quoted challengingoutspoken opposition to present viable candidates- his sense of humour noted bynewspapers. Senior opposition member deserted by the party he pioneered;announces his resignation. Ood predicts overwhelming incumbent victory beforepolls start.*

19/10/01: It's my 18th! Woohoo!!
                   Uploaded Journals Five and Six

01/09/01: Latest .journal with a new look- Entry4.

08/08/01: My long-overdue webpage is up!

Contact me at marshmall0w@yahoo.com

Note: It's marshmallow with "zero" instead of"o"

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