The Spa Is Here, NOW, and in YOUR FACE!
*clears her throat* I might change that header, but right now, after seven straight hours of updating, that's the first thing I felt like saying.  The Spa is still under construction, all you lovely people, but it's almost there, and I was *insert bad word* tired of not having it up, so I took matters into my own hands!  Besides, I'm neglecting my other sites, and the sooner I get this up, the sooner I can get back to them. *nods*
O~kay!  This site contains a lot of un-nice things, and our opinions, so if you don't like it, then feel free to relocate your butt to elsewhere! There's a back button; it's there for a reason!! We have shounen ai ("boy love") fics and pics here, so if you don't like boys KISSING, then LEAVE!!! I WILL NOT TOLERATE ANY FLAMES!! You have a choice, make it now!! Just a side note, but we don't have anything of graphic content, and all of our fics that have suggestive materials are marked as such. Thank you!
Well, those of you who are still with us, welcome!  ^_^  We don't bite, really!  We are just your typical caring people, who are obsessed with anime.  Please enjoy your stay, and feel free to e-mail us!  I have to get the whole psycho route out of the way, so that I can lay some ground rules.  To enter the spa, please click the above picture of Tasuki.  Enjoy your stay, and don't have too much fun...wait, I take that back!  Have all the fun you can, and leave us a nice note in our guest book! 
                                               Your Loyal and Faithful Co-Webmistress,
Enter!  Nuriko welcomes you to our site!  ^_^