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Welcome to yet another ESL Web Site. This site was created to offer teachers and students a variety of activities, lessons and facts suitable for individual study as well as for classroom use.
Lessons are recommended for students at and above intermediate level of English language.
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Did you know that:

We don't know exactly how many languages there are currently in the world, there are estimates from 3 000 to 10 000. In reality there is probably around 4 000 to 5 000 currently living languages.

Living languages are languages which have native speakers alive who use it.
Extinct languages have no native speakers.

Top twenty languages  regarding mother tongue speakers:
      1. Chinese   2. English   3. Spanish   4. Hindi   5. Arabic

Top twenty language with official language population:
      1. English   2. Chinese   3. Hindi   4. Spanish   5. Russian

(From: Crystal, D. (1995) The Cambridge Encyclopedia of Language. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.)