For 3-6 year old children




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formerly teacher, ANU School of Music

with over 20 years experience in early childhood music education


(Marta studied the Kodaly concept in Hungary for 16 years.)



Ainslie Avenue, Canberra


(also at pre-schools, primary schools and early childhood centres)


Marta’s professional and charismatic style of teaching brings joy to all involved!”

                                                                   Head, ANU School of Music


Marta knows how to nurture children’s innate appreciation and love of music. Her talent has opened my children’s eyes, ears and hearts to the world of music. That foundation will be with them for life.”



I love singing Marta’s songs.”



Marta has provided the children with ....

A structured music environment where children learn to appreciate music whilst learning about rhythm, tone, pitch and beat.

Staff have benefited from Marta’s extensive experience and knowledge about music.”

                                                 Director, Woden Early Childhood Centre


"The perfect music class"
                         The Canberra Times


Aims of The Early Childhood Music Program:


To introduce children to music, to encourage a love of singing, a sense of pitch, a musical ear, feel of beat and rhythm, to move harmoniously to music.

to teach the basics of musical reading and writing.

the children also learn concentration, cooperation, confidence and consideration of others.

The love and appreciation of music will stay with these children for the rest of their life.




Classes are run during school terms on Mondays.




Please ring MARTA MODUNA on


(02) 6286 6608






MARTA MODUNA (BMus., BSc(Math.), DipEd.)


Marta is passionate about music and about teaching participants in her Program to enjoy and appreciate music.  She has taught at the Australian National University’s School of Music and has over 20 years experience in both early childhood music education and adult instruction.  Marta was trained at the Zoltan Kodaly School of Music, Hungary, where she became an accomplished musician.  She graduated from University as a music educator.  The Kodaly approach to early childhood music education which Marta uses to impart music skills to participants has global appeal.  It is widely acclaimed for its wholistic approach in developing the musical abilities of children and in setting the foundations for them to achieve their musical potential.  Graduates from her Program have continued to enjoy music and to develop their musical abilities “each according to their own” with some of her former students now members of some of Australia’s musical symphonies and orchestras.  Her warm and caring yet firm approach will win over children to love and appreciate music and develop their confidence, cooperation, concentration, and consideration of others.






When: School Terms: Mondays
Duration: 45 minutes per lesson
Cost:   $100 per school term
Format:  Small structured Group classes
Parent Participation: Nil




THE 4 “Cs”   

The 4 “Cs” -  Concentration, Cooperation, Confidence and Consideration of others, are the building blocks for participation in both individual and group music activities.  The 4 “Cs” will prepare a child for future choral and group instrumental activities while also assisting their individual development as future musicians.  The 4 “Cs” are emphasised and developed at all levels of the Moduna Early Childhood Kodaly Program.


“The love and appreciation of music stays with the children of Marta Moduna’s Music Program for the rest of their life.  It positively affects their future musical development when they continue with singing and instrumentation lessons.”



Program for 3 year olds:

The Program’s  beginner’s level includes learning:


Program for 4 year olds:

The Program’s intermediate level aims to develop:


Program for 5 year olds:

The advanced level of the program includes improving:

Additional aspects include:


Program for 6 year olds:

The graduate level of the program includes preparation for transition into future singing or instrumentation lessons.  The skills acquired at the advanced level are further refined and  include:


Who can participate in the Program?

The Program is open to all children ranging from 3 to 6 years old.


How can my child participate in the Program?

Please contact Marta Moduna on 6286 6608.