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What is Electrolysis?
Electrolysis is the only medically accepted permanant method of hair removal

Electrolysis is a broad term which describes one or more types of electrical currents used to destroly unwanted hair.

Thermolysis (high frequency) works by coagulation via heat applied to the hair root in the follicle.

Fla;sh (HF) uses a higher power level than Thermolysis but for a much shorter period of time. Works by desication of regenerative hair cells around the Papilla of the hair.

Galvanic (DC) works via a chemical reaction with moisture present when hair is in the stage of growth known as Anagen - first few weeks of hair growth.The DC current converts moisture in Lye which decomposes the hair.

Blend uses low level Thermolysis combined with galvanic to reduce the time needed per hair.

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