Martial Law
In America

Martial Law is coming to America.

The nation is bankrupt, financial collapse is imminent. American freedoms, principles and values are completely anti-thetical to the egalitarian and planetary survival requirements for an advanced world civilization for the 21st century. Hence, the forcible take-down of the United States of America.

In collusion with an engineered economic collapse, a US government sponsored "false flag" terrorist attack is highly probable, using CIA-sponsored Al-Qaida cells to detonante nuclear weapons over a select number of US cities- an act which will then be blamed on muslim extremists in the Middle East. Hence, the contrived rationale to go to war with Iran.

The threat of Global Warming is the hidden backdrop that is making all of this necessary- since the issue is the #1 international security threat to Mankind and the biosphere. America, as a flagrant violator of international environmental law and a prime instigator of anti-environmental ethos throughout the world, cannot, and will not, be allowed to continue on with 'business as usual'.

The extravagent, wicked, ungodly, wasteful, deceitful, selfish, decadent, insidiously destructive and ecologically insane American lifestyle is to be "terminated" once and for all. There is no place left for this level of low-life reptilian consciousness to exist on this planet any longer.

With the collapse of the American economy and the implementation of Martial Law will come an END to the hated American culture of death. No more SUV's, no more million dollar condos and homes (these will be FORCIBLY taken from the rich and given to the poor and homeless), no more babies (procreation will be controlled by the State), no more extravagent vacations to far flung regions of the planet (your travel will be severely restricted), no more meat-eating or communal BBQ's, no more privacy (you will be tracked, monitored and surveilled without your consent), no more guns (there will be universal gun confiscation), no more unrestricted use of ATM's or personal bank accounts (you will be given food and ration cards), no more free speech, no more golf courses, art, music and fashion shows and expensive shopping malls for the rich, no more 401k's, no more pension fund income and on and on....

In place are 2 million national police (up from 1 million before Bush- who all you idiot republicans voted into office, not once but TWICE!), homeland security funded spy cameras on nearly every road intersection in America (recording, tracking and monitoring your every move), a national "criminal" justice system that has the highest incarceration rate of any nation on Earth (with 7 million citizens now in the system and growing), surreptitious NSA wiretapping and eavesdroppping of your personal telephone calls and e-mails, a vast network of FEMA concentration camps and detention centers for dissenters and enemies of the state (as well as torture and execution chambers), a global electronic surveillance 'control grid' monitoring your purchases, movement and psychological profile, police state checkpoints at state and national borders as well as within cities and towns across America, an internal passport system complete with National ID cards (to go into effect 2008-2012), and, in general, an overall ultrasophisticated/militarized system of state surveillance, control and repression of the citizenry.

The plan is to implode the US economy from within, facilitate the collapse of the US Dollar, allow a brief civil war to commence and then re-establish order by bringing about a North American Union (NAU) with Canada and Mexico, as well as introduce the "Amero" (that have ALREADY been printed up) as the new North American currency.

Presidential directives and executive orders to impliment Martial Law have ALREADY been signed into Law. NorthCom, the domestic headquarters for Homeland Security (America's new Nazi SS), based in Colorado Springs, Colorado, is soon ready to enact a complete military takeover of the continental USA. The USA Patriot Act, the Military Commissions Act, the John Warner Defense Authorization Bill and the overthrow of the Posse Commatitus Act of 1878 (prohibiting the US military from engaging in domestic operations) have ALL been ordered into Law by Congress and Presidential decree.

The head of the East German STASI (Marcus Wolfe) and former heads of the Russian KGB (Primakov and Karpov) have been brought in to direct and supervise the take-over and take-down.

US Homeland Security has recruited 30,000 pastors to convince their congregations to turn in their guns, forcibly relocate to detention centers and concentration camps and to fully cooperate with their government (Romans 13). An army of domestic spies now roams the country reporting on, spying for and serving the security interests of the new fascist police state in America.

The battle between globalism and American sovereignty is now fully set in array. As it stands today, world civilization body politic is "hardwired" for destruction, unless certain key institutions, ideologies, infrastructure and lifestyles are physically and forcibly stopped and removed from the projected future mathmatical equation of inevitable global social and environmental collapse.

Martial Law fits the que for the globalists, yet plants the seeds of its own demise as worldwide rebellion, revolution and resistance form the embroyo of a new world society based on the life principles and values necessary for true planetary survival to emerge, finially.

Life always has and always will, prevail.

Steve Jones
Colfax Ave
Denver, Colorado


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