Martin Milner has appeared in 5 television series and many films and has made several appearances in live television productions. This is a comprehensive filmography with hyptertext links that take you to photo sections for many of the films and TV appearances.


Return to the Road (Route 66 documentary) (1998)...As Himself
Nashville Beat (1990).... Brian O'Neal
Three Guns for Texas (1968).... Constable Clendon MacMillan
Ski Fever (1967).... Brian Davis
... aka Liebesspiel im Schnee (1967) (West Germany)
Valley of the Dolls (1967)...Mel Anderson
Zebra in the Kitchen (1965)...Dr. Del Hartwood
Private Lives of Adam and Eve, The (1961)...Ad Sims
13 Ghosts (1960)...Ben Rush
Sex Kittens Go to College (1960)...George Barton
... aka Beauty and the Robot, The (1960)
... aka Sexpot Goes to College (1960)
... aka Teacher Versus Sexpot (1960)
... aka Teacher Was a Sexpot (1960)
Compulsion (1959)...Sid Brooks
Marjorie Morningstar (1958)...Wally Wronkin
Too Much, Too Soon (1958)...Lincoln Forrester
Man Afraid (1957)lo...Shep Hamilton
Gunfight at the O.K. Corral (1957)...James "Jimmy" Earp
Sweet Smell of Success (1957)...Steve Dallas
Navy Wife (1956)
... aka Mother, Sir! (1956) (UK)
Screaming Eagles (1956)...Private Corliss
Pillars of the Sky (1956)...Waco
... aka Tomahawk and the Cross, The (1956) (UK)
On the Threshold of Space (1956)...Lieutenant Morton Glenn
Pete Kelly's Blues (1955)...Joey Firestone
Francis in the Navy (1955)..."Rick" Rickerson
Mister Roberts (1955)...Shore Patrol Ensign
Long Gray Line, The (1955)...Jim O'Carberry
Torpedo Alley (1953) (uncredited)
... aka Down Periscope (1953) (USA)
Destination Gobi (1953)...Elwood Halsey
Battle Zone (1952)...Andy
Belles on Their Toes (1952)...Al Lynch
Captive City, The (1952)...Phil Harding
Last of the Comanches (1952)...Billy Creel
... aka Sabre and the Arrow, The (1952) (UK)
My Wife's Best Friend (1952)...Buddy Chamberlain
Springfield Rifle (1952)...Olie Larsen
I Want You (1951)...George Kress, Jr.
Fighting Coast Guard (1951)...Al Prescott
... aka Fighting U.S. Coast Guard (1951)
Operation Pacific (1951)...Mister Caldwell
Halls of Montezuma (1950)...Private Whitney
Louisa (1950)...Bob Stewart
Our Very Own (1950)...Bert
Sands of Iwo Jima (1949)...Private Mike McHugh
Life with Father (1947)...John Day

Television Movies and Mini-Series

Ordeal of Bill Carney, The (1981) ...Peter Belton
Crisis in Mid-Air (1979) (TV).
Seekers, The (1979) (TV mini-series) ...Philip Kent
Last Convertible, The (1979) (TV mini-series) .... Sergeant Dabric
Little Mo (1978) .... Wilbur Folsom
Black Beauty (1978) (TV mini-series).... Tom Gray
SST: Death Flight (1977) .... Lyle Kingman
... aka Death Flight (1977)
... aka Flight of the Maiden (1977)
... aka SST: Disaster in the Sky (1977) (USA: reissue title)
Flood! (1976) .... Paul Blake
Hurricane (1974) .... Major Hymie Stoddard
... aka Hurricane Hunters (1974)
Runaway! (1973) ...John Shedd
... aka Runaway Train, The (1973) (UK)
Columbo: Murder by the Book (1971) .... Jim Ferris
Memorandum for a Spy (1965)
... aka Asylum for a Spy (1965)
Sullivan's Empire (1967).... John Sullivan

TV Series

Life Goes On (1992)...Harris Cassidy
Swiss Family Robinson (1975) .... Karl Robinson
Adam-12 (1968-1975) .... Officer Peter Joseph "Pete" Malloy
Starr, First Baseman (1965) (TV--unsold pilot)...Joe Starr
...aka Starr of the Yankees (1958) (TV--unsold pilot)
Life of Riley (1957-58)... "Don Marshall"
Route 66 (1960-1964)...Tod Stiles
Stu Erwin Show, The (1950) .... Jimmy Clark (also appeared as "Drexel" in the episodes "Jackie Knows All" and "Ugly Duckling") (1950-55)
... aka "Trouble with Father, The"

TV Guest Appearances

Hollywood Squares (February 23-28, 2004) )...As Himself 23.

A&E's Biography (October 5, 2000). Interviewed for "Jack Webb: Just the Facts, Ma'am."
Diagnosis Murder (Sept. 18, 1993). "Detective Fred Halloran" in the episode the "Murder Blues" (episode #5.1)
Murder, She Wrote. (April 28, 1996). Playing Admiral Len Spalding" in the episode "Race to Death" (episode # 12.21).
Robocop (Nov. 7, 1994). Playing "Russell Murphy" in the episode "Corporate Raiders" (episode # 1.21)
Robocop (May 27, 1994). Playing "Captain Russell Murphy" in the episode " The Human Factor" (episode # 1.12)
Murder, She Wrote (Mar. 13, 1994). Playing "Bill Macguire" in the episode: " The Dying Game" (episode # 10.17)
Life Goes On. (November 29, 1992). Playing "Harris Cassidy" in the episode "Babes in the Woods" (episode # 4.7)
Life Goes On (October 18, 1992) Playing "Harris Cassidy" in the episode "The Whole Truth" (episode # 4.4)
Life Goes On (October 4, 1992) Playing "Harris Cassidy" in the episode "Premarital Syndrome" (episode # 4.3)
Life Goes On (September 27, 1992) Playing "Harris Cassidy" in the episode "Exposed" (episode #4.2)
Life Goes On (September 20, 1992). Playing "Harris Cassidy" in the episode "Bec to the Future" Eepisode # 4.1)
Murder, She Wrote (April 7, 1991). Playing Clint Phelps" in the episode: "Thursday's Child" (episode # 7.19)
MacGyver (April 30, 1990). Playing "James MacGyver" in the episode: "Passages" (episode # 5.21)
Murder, She Wrote (Dec. 18, 1988). Playing "Clint Phelps" in the episode: " The Last Flight of the Dixie Damsel" (episode # 5.7)
MacGyver (Feb. 1, 1988). Playing "Turk Donner" in the episode "Thin Ice" (episode # 3.13)
Murder, She Wrote (Nov. 3, 1985). Playing "Sheriff Bodine" in the episode: "Reflections of the Mind" (episode # 2.6)
Airwolf (March 23, 1985). Playing "Arthur Barnes" in the episode "Severence Pay" (episode #2.32).
Littlest Hobo, The (Nov. 13, 1980). Playing "Don Porter" in the episode: "Sailing Away" (episode # 2.8)
Fantasy Island (October 10, 1981). Playing "William Keating" in the episode "Man from Yesterday/The World's Most Desirable Woman" (episode #4.13).
Fantasy Island (January 31, 1981). Playing "Ted Kingman" in the episode "Show Me a Hero/Slam Dunk" (episode #5.1).
Police Story (Nov. 9, 1977). Playing "Officer Grady Dolan" in the episode "Stigma" (episode #5.2)
Emergency!. (Jan. 15, 1972) Playing "Officer Pete Malloy" in the episode "The Wedsworth-Townsend Act." Episode #1.1.
12 O'Clock High (Dec. 16, 1967) as "Major Dimscek" in the episode "Six Feet Under."
Felony Squad (October 26, 1967) as "Thomas Glynn" in the episode "Hit and Run, Run, Run" (episode #2.8).
Run for Your Life (April 17, 1967). Playing "Colonel Mike Green" in the episode "Better World Next Time."
Rat Patrol, The (Feb. 20, 1967). Playing "Sgt. Roberts" in the episode "The Wild Goose Raid" (episode #1.25).
Virginian, The (Nov. 2, 1966). Playing "Chase" in the episode "Trail to Ashley Mountain" (episode #5.8)
Man Called Shenandoah, A (May 2, 1966). Playing "Lt. Neal Henderson" in the episode "Requiem for the Second" (episode #1.32)
Laredo (Sept. 30, 1965). Playing "Clendon MacMillan" in the episode "Yahoo" (episode #1.3)
Gidget (Sept. 29, 1965) Playing "Cassius 'The Great Kahuna' Cobb" in the episode "The Great Kahuna" (episode #1.3).
Virginian, The (Mar. 10, 1965). Playing "Dave Ferguson" in the episode "Timberland" (episode #3.25)
Slattery's People (Dec. 14, 1964) in "What Is a Requiem for a Loser."
Dupont Show of the Week (May 3, 1964). Playing "Rex Adams" in the episode "More, More, More, More" (episode#3.15).
The Twilight Zone (Feb. 26, 1960). Playing "Paul Grinstead" in the episode "Mirror Image (episode #1.21).
Hotel de Paree (Feb. 26, 1960). Playing "Pat Williams" in the episode "Vein of Ore" (episode #1.3).
Rawhide (Jan. 23, 1959). Playing "Johnny Doane" in the episode "Incident with an Executioner" (episode #1.3)
U.S. Marshal (1958). Playing "Deputy Bob Baxter" in the Episode "Trigger Happy."
Wagon Train (April 9, 1958). Playing "Matt" in the episode "The Sally Potter Story" (episode #1.28)
West Point (April 26, 1957) in the episode "No Reason" (episode #1.30)
Navy Log (Dec. 5, 1956). Playing "Monk Jacob" in the episode "Incident at Formosa."
Science Fiction Theatre (November 17, 1956). Playing "Britt" in the episode "Three Minute Mile" (episode #2.26).
Crossroads (Nov. 16, 1956) as "Charlie Mitchell" in "Timberland Preacher."
Telephone Time (Oct. 14, 1956) in "The Churchill Club."
West Point (Oct. 5, 1956) in the episode "The Mystery of Cadet Layton" (episode #1.1)
Dragnet (Aug. 26, 1954) Playing "Stephen Banner" in the episode "The Big Producer."
Lone, Ranger, The (Mar. 23, 1950). Playing "Dick McHenry" in the episode "Pay Dirt" (episode #1.28).

TV Theatre, Theatre and TV Specials

Mass Appeal (play), 1985.
Dean Martin Celebrity Roast for Johnny Carson (1974).
The Ninety-Day Mistress. Starring Martin Milner and Dyan Cannon, 1967. Playing Danny Liken.
Kraft Suspense Theater (Feb. 25, 1966) as "Lt. John Corby" in "Streetcar, Do You Read Me?"
Bob Hope Chrysler Theater (February 2, 1966) Playing "William Hedge" in "When Hell Froze."
Bob Hope Chrysler Theater (March 5, 1966) Playing "Eric Kurtz" in "The War and Eric Kurtz."
Bob Hope Chrysler Theater (no date available). Playing "Stanley Patrick" in the episode "Simon Says Get Married."
Desilu Playhouse (Mar. 23, 1959) in "Chain of Command."
Desilu Playhouse (Oct. 27, 1958)--Debut.
Charles Farrell Show (Sept. 27, 1956) .
TV Reader's Digest (May 7, 1956) in "The Old, Old Story."
Schlitz Playhouse of Stars (Feb. 11, 1955) in "Mr Schoolmarm."
Schlitz Playhouse of Stars (Jan. 8, 1954) in "Rim of Violence."

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