"Where Are They Now?: Martin Milner"

One Adam-12 star is now happy to cast his lot at sea.

Fans recognize him as both officer Pete Malloy on the '70s police drama Adam-12 and Tod Stiles on the '60s hit Route 66, but Martin Milner wouldn't mind if no one knew him from, well, Adam. "I was never a celebrity--just a working actor," says Milner, 63. Married 38 years to Judy, 60, and a father of four, he says his passions are "family and fishing, in that order." And while he has good memories of his TV days, it wasn't the fame that gratified him. "I got letters from policemen thanking me for Adam-12," recalls Milner, who now serves as host of two locally syndicated radio call-in shows--on fishing--from San Diego, his hometown.

Kent McCord, his friend and Adam-12 costar (now Scott Keller on Seaquest DSV), dreams of resurrecting their old show. He'd better check with his partner. "A series would be so much work," Milner says. "I love talk and I love fishing. I'm having a ball."

The caption with the pic says: "If I were in jail, he'd be the guy I'd call," says Kent McCord."

People, July 17, 1995
Transcribed by L.A. Christie

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