You have been sucked though a rift in space and landed safely in the realm of the FSP Ship Vortex.

Captain: Martin Rowan

This ship began its humble existence at indi on turn 412, and after a brief exploration of the nearby planets decided  joined the FSP. Why? Apart from the obvious benefits of help, advice, protection and information sharing.  I also believe in the principles of the FSP:
  • To spread peace throughout the galaxy.
  • To assist other peaceful star ships when possible.

If you feel the same way I do, then why not read more about the Foundation for Spreading Peace and decide for yourself. Click Here to be transported to the FSP Homepage.


Vortex is a peaceful ship, currently following in the ways of the wise one. I'm mainly doing adventures at the moment to increase my skill levels further.

Declared Enemies

  • None

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  • Mapulator - Corby's Jump cost calculator (now Internet Explorer and Netscape compatible)

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