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The modern industrialism influences the human culture and peoples life.
The oldfashioned romantic way of life
is disappearing in the strugle with the modern industrialism.
People don't know how to live in a world, where everything is getting more and more
done by machines.
Industrialism and mechanisation makes us empty and egoless.
The problems of the concept "human being"
is now containing new rules in its first principle, and the culture has got new problems,
both for the common man and for more intelligent people.
We are open and in reality rendered helpless placed face to face with the new things,
coming against us.
It is not without reason, that people becomes conscious of this fact.
People are not determined by this social state of mind.
They see themselves as free in this world and not as a part of something,
that makes them nothing, they feel themselves
and their own existence as something outside the community.
They are not really themself anyway.
Our conditions, which are created in this way, the human nature,
the natures own life as survivel in the nature
is something beautyfull and worthyfull, the survivel for the best man,
as the nature shows us.
The law from the universe, that you got to live in something real,
which gives the conditions for survivel,
that is nessesery for the human.
These oportunities prevents you from living without meaning, made nothing
under meaningsless conditions.
You stand alone before the alter of life,
you dance off happiness, and don't listen to the anger,
you flies away in the happy day, turned on against the the thought
and the light.

Everything is something special.
Without reason at all, people change style from day to day,
and what is worse, is that they really think,
that everything is so.
Without belonging to the real life, - where they are dreaming
of fealings and conditions, which schould put them equal
to the claims of life.
But points of wiev, that are special;
the dream comes up, the dream,
the inner condition and the filosofy becomes real.

The human dailylife is chosen from your own social norms,
the pure nature of existence is something relative,
people in the modern society have freedom in their own world,
their right to identify themselves with their own life.
values and dreams, which you might think have importance,
your home, your life, your own surroundings.

The now is full of problems, which make the life meaningless, and you give up.
But I think that giving up the ways of culture and life
makes the end. People make their life more worth living, searching for fashions
in a time of succes, through which you can make yourself become true,
make you something in life, and give you sense in the world.
My pictures can philosofically be regarded as a part of
the life under industrial circumstances,
where people search meaning and identity in the nation through choises,
a happy familylife, a beautifull home, friends and garding laws.

For me art is an eternal revolution, and contain a higher dream of freedom,
I?m searching for my own ways of expression,
and it gives me opertunity to free myself from
emotional ties.
My background is the modern society and the real social conditions,
given my dreams and visions in a search for beauti and joy,
where I have been standing face to face
with many beautifull and meaningsfull situations. In Paris I had some inspirations meeting the life as I knew about from Paul Sartre. If you have seen the film Moulin Rouge, you can imagine how it is for an arist to be involved in art in Paris.
I had artworks on 4 censured groupexhibitions on the newstarted artgallery

ART PRESENT, 79, Rue Quincampoix 75003, Paris:
1. Au Fil de l'Hiver 1995
2. Printemps en Féte 1996
3. Variation d'Octobre 1996
4. Les petits Cadeaux 1997.

<<<< Galerie Art Present

Galleri Exhibition on Galleri Gallo 2009.
Martin Barslev, oilpaintings.
Klaus Velling Hansen, computerart.
Katja Daehnel, ceramics.

<<<< Artworks on Gallery Gallo
Address: Gallery Gallo
Nørre Allé 86, 8000 Århus C.
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