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Game ratings

This section rates a games general stats. These games will be the ones I played and some others I have seen, the ratings are made by me and some gaming magazines. The maximum rating is 5. Page 2>>
Games nameGames raitingGames description
Marvel vs. Capcom 2****It's a versus fighting game, that include characters of capcom games like megaman, and street fighter, and it also includes characters of marvel like x-men. It includes more than 50 characters to use.It's really fun. It's for the Dreamcast.
The house of the dead 2***It's a virtual cop type of game, you just move the cursor to shoot down zombies. It's fun but it's to easy to go trhough the whole game.It's on the Dreamcast.
Rainbow 6*****It's a antiterrorist game. You control a swat team, to complete missions. It has a complete arsenal of weapons and allot of commands to help you in the game. It' one of the best games I have played.
Age of Empires 2*****It's a stratagy game where you can control a race of people like chinnese or japanese. You can play online with other people in diferent modes. It's really fun, but if you don't play online you can get bored eventually.
Skies of Arcadia***It's an RPG, like Final Fantasy, this game is pretty cool, you get to control a team of guys. And you can also navigate a ship. It's about a world that instead of oceans of water you get to fly in the air and go to islands.
Shenmue***IT's almost as a real life game. It's in the mode of RPG, and you can fight freely with the enemy, not turn by turn. It's a long game but once you pass it all it bores you. It's fun and kind of hard.
Capcom vs. SNK**This game is a vs. fighting. It's one of the newest of the vs. version of capcom. But it's not that good it's only like street fighter 2 but width better graphics, it's not that fun.
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