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Martin's Page
Shaila's Page
Darien's Home Page
Darien's Picture Page
Jaiden's Home Page
Jaiden's Picture Page
Brother's Home Page
Brother's Picture Page
Summer Haircuts
    3 pgs. July 29th&Aug.3rd
August 12, 2003
August 17, 2003
August 19, 2003
August 23, 2003
August 24, 2003
August 30, 2003
August 31, 2003 2pgs
First day of school 2pgs
September 4&9th
September 27, 2003 2pgs
Darien's Birthday 4pgs
Apple Orchard 4pgs
Autumn Leaves 3pgs
October 12, 2003 2pgs
Fall Fun
Neighborhood Tour
School/Class Photos
November Memories
Christmas Spirit
Pics of Austin, Brendon, Serenity and Co.
Christmas Pics of Shaila
Jaiden's School Pic
Just holiday home pics
December 9th, Sliding on the snow 2pgs
Dec. 14&15th Snowstorm
Winter Pics, Dec.16-19th 2pgs
Christmas morning 2 pgs
Christmas Eve
Dec.22&23, 2003
Jaiden's First Dentist Visit
January 4th, 2004
Darien's First Lesson
Various Feb/Mar. Pics. 2 pages
April 3, 2004
April 4, 2004
Darien and Jaiden's room
April 6, 2004-Easter activities at Darien's school 3PAGES
Easter Morning
Just Life...various pics March & April 3 pages
Jaiden's 5th Birthday
May 11, 2004 4pgs
May Days
Shaila in May
Fête de Famille May 16th 3pgs
Shaila on May 22, 2004
4Pages of Spring Beauty
Jaiden's Kindergarten Tour
May 30th 2004
June 13, 2004
Hot Dog Festival 3pgs
Father's Day 2004 @Garden 6pgs
June 25th & 27th 4pages
Brendon and various July pics 2pgs
In Our Yard
July 4th 2004 2pgs
July 3rd 2004
2004 Expo, 8pages
Cooling off after the Expo
July 30th Picnic, 2 pgs
August 22nd, 3pages
Aug.30&31 Back to School 3 pages
Jaiden at the apple orchard
October 1st, 2004
Darien's 7th Birthday Party
September Days
October Days
School Pics 04/05
Halloween 2004
New Keith family photos
Darien's Report Card
Jaiden's Report Card
Winter Fun 04
December 11, 2004
Various December Pics
Christmas Photos
December 19, 2004
Christmas Party at Mary's
Keith and Torrez family pics
December 23, 2004
Christmas Eve
Christmas Day
NEW Christmas Pics
Keven's Party
January 2005 Pictures
***Baby Quest***
Emilie's Party
February Things
Easter 2005 3 pages
Jaiden's Party
Jaiden's School Party&Darien's Class
April 17th 2005
May 2005 2 pages
June 4th, 2005
June 7th, 2005
June 13th & 14th 2005
June 12th 2005
June 10th 2005
Morning Out June 15th
Updated Dec.30th, 2006
Fathers Day 2005 3 pages
June 20th 2005
Pirate Party at Parc les Saline
Spoiled Jaiden
New Kittens
July 1st- Canada Day
6pgs. Montreal Botanic Garden
2 pgs. Insectarium
4 pgs. Montreal Biodome
2pgs. Amazoo
4pgs. Granby Zoo July 12th
Vacation part 1
Vacation part 2
Expo 2005
Various August Pics
Back to School
Boisé des Douze
My Big Boys
Darien's 8th BirthdayParty
Medieval Wedding
Halloween Party
Various November Pics
Christmas Boys
Shaila's Christmas Pics
Christmas Party
Happy Birthday Austin
Christmas Eve 2005
Christmas Morning
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