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For those of you who have been on in a cave for the past two months (or those of you I refuse to talk to), I have recently been signed to play football for the Oakland RAY-DAHS (a.k.a. Raiders). I post here some pictures of my joyous time in Northern Cali:
(hit the little pics for a bigger version)

This is a picture from the first mini-camp (April 21-23). Check out the number. 65! OH YEAH!

A picture of me at the second mini-camp (June 18-20). Notice the enthusiasm bursting out of me.

(Did you notice something similar in these two photos?? That's right...lots of standing around. No playing time. Hmmmmm. Coincidence? I THINK NOT!)

FINALLY! An action shot! Oh. It's just the scrubs (of which I would be one of them) giving the first team defense an offensive line.

Oh, the days when I actually saw the field.....

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