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It has been a while since I have updated this site. After a brief period in the USA spannering on Historic race cars I can now work on my cars, and lead a 'normal' life again.

Whilst cars are still a passion I have been doing other things as well. Recently I managed to survive backpacking trip through the middle East. Next trip currently being planned is a cycling tour of Vietnam.

My desire to own a 23B came from admiring one of the few 23's in NZ. As a genuine car is not in my financial means I purchased a
23B replica kit made by Barry Leitch here in NZ. The build is progressing slowly despite distractions. A big milestone was achieved recently when the engine was started for the first time just prior to Christmas. I am currently investigating getting an alloy radiator made for it.
The 23B replica has taken a while as I would like it to look like an original. This takes time locating, building, or fabricating parts. It also means that the build is more expensive compared to using a modern equivalent. Having developed an interest in Ford Escorts since being at school I have bought a very nice Mk2 Escort RS Mexico. It is in very  good condition, and very original. It is one of only two in New Zealand.

Another reason why things take so long is that I am a Big Buddy volunteer.
Check out Big Buddy.
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19th February, 2008
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